Upcoming Marvel Movie Release Schedule 2013 and Beyond

Marvel Comics, a Walt Disney company, continues to churn out movie adaptations of its most popular comic book series at a staggering rate – here is a list of upcoming movies based on comic books like X-Men, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Thor, Captain America and more.

Here’s the Marvel movie release schedule for its comic book movie adaptations:

Questionable, unconfirmed or dead in the water

  • Nick Fury – release date TBA
  • Deadpool – release date TBA
  • Venom – release date TBA
  • Luke Cage – release date TBA
  • Magneto – Dead in the water

Recent Marvel Comics movie adaptation release dates

You can view upcoming DC Comics movie release dates here.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Dave

    What happened to the Ant Man flick??

  • Fabio! lolz, thats gonna be..weird

  • According to IMDB, Ant-Man is still slated for 2010. I don’t see a movie called Ant Man opening to $100 million.

  • Andy

    the avengers sounds like a movie i wanna see

  • Terrie

    i wanna see the iron man and the avengers.but not the spiderman

  • Logan

    Thor is pritty sick i think they will give him more aditude for the movie kinda like they did in the sion of asgard serriers its gunna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    will jason statham actually do daredvil, and will there be another ghostrider movie?

  • Logan

    Ther is supost to anouthe ghost rider movie it will probuby suck like the first one

  • The first Ghost Rider movie was absolutely horrific.

  • Justin Kottemann

    Show me an Iron Fist movie and I’ll be happy.

  • grey

    i think the best way to make a captain america movie is to make it about captain america during world war 2….they could make outstanding war movie about him..an mayby change the costume up a little bit to where its more of a tweeked up army uniform..the bright colored outfits dont cut it anymore

  • grey

    hopefully they wont make the thor movie cheezy…but makin it cheezy is gonna be real easy 2 do with a character like thor

  • @Grey – Captain America during WWII would be the way to go; I agree Thor is going to be tough to pull off.

  • zyclonenuz

    sigh.. this will be a long wait.

  • Ella

    a friend told me that their making a marvel ultimate alliance movie. is it true ?

  • Hi Ella, I have not heard anything to that regards. I would be highly surprised if that were the case so no, there is no live-action Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie planned in the near future.

  • Alex

    Ghost rider ruled

  • sundiata


  • jay

    hey marvel fans what do you think about disney buying out marvel? personally im kinda scared ,wondering if the comics and movie’s are gonna be less adult. i mean it took stan lee a while to grab an adult demographic …guess im afraid disney and all theyre coalitions will take that away , is any body else worried?

  • @jay, I would be highly surprised if Disney affected the content of Marvel Comics to make them more Disney. They’re a business and they have a vested interest in keeping things how they’ve been working – profitably.

  • jordan

    Ghost Rider was ok. The fights were over to fast in that movie thou. I like the idea of a Thor movie. But of corse there going to change it up a bit so he is not chezzy. like they did with the X-men movies. The X-Men comics they all had on bright colors because that was the thing then but dark is in now and i think they with make Thor more dark then in the comics.

  • sam

    ghost rider had the best story, better than every other marvel movie they just spent to little time in the good parts and too much in the bad parts like blaze chasing girls

  • Sam, I didn’t even realize Ghost Rider had a plot.

  • stu

    captian America realy should best during WWII Thor could be quite dark if you think about it he is a Norse god and vikings were not known for being fun people with a fondness for pink fluffy bunny slippers. Ghostrider was NOT a good film bad plot and wrong actor Xmen3 was awful the thing I did not like was juggernaut he was too small and why did he not say any thing to his stepbrother Now Disney own Marvel we can have the greatest show down in history two of the most nasty guys ever Donald Duck Vs Howard the Duck feathers will fly it would be a fowle fight no holds bard and no pants either lol

  • Kjell

    Norway calls for a nice realistic portray of Asgard and the old Norse gods. Looking forward to a nice Thor movie, or “Tor” without the “H” which is his real name.

    But when is the strongest woman in the Marvel universe, and the most successful woman in so many ways get her own quality movie? Is it true that Megan Fox is going to play her in a movie? I and I’m sure that lots of others would like to see some real girl power and kick some ass sson. It’s about time that there comes a She Hulk movie of quality. There are so many good females in the Marvel Universe and they’re not even in the supporting roles in the latest movies or just barely included in the games. Except for in “Storm” in the X-men movies, and Sue Storm in F4. But where are the others? I suppose there’ll only be guys in the Avengers movie? This is rubish! The girls should have their share. And She-Hulk which has sold most books and is so well known, snd is so cool and strong. She would be excellent material for a good movie with plenty of good stories and the Marvel Universe should show the fans that they’re not an old gentlemen’s club living in the 1950s. Let the women through, and let the strongest and best of them first – namely the She-Hulk!

  • bubba

    well there ya go another self help reading woman crying about equal rights until her car needs to be fixed then she is shaking her ass to get a man to do it lol
    yea i mean you (holding worlds smallest violin:) why is it that if the women arent crying the blacks are crying and if they arent crying the arabs are killing themselves in the name of some other stupid arab that refuses to get with the times and cut his beard ? hmmmmmmmmm jesus if the present fact that stan lee is a man bothers you shake yer ass in front of his face and offer him some of your green baseball mitt crying ass dam woman get back in the kitchen ya got no shoes on lol nothing new ok lets talk about another HULK movie id like to see him make she hulk and then bank the hell out of her admit it girlfriend you always wondered about the size of the the hulks wang havent you lol yall have yer just to scared to even type it lol the hulk probably has a 4 footer lmao and hed probably make linda lovelace gag thats a fact lmmfao

  • shazzam

    On a different note: In general I think for the most part marvel has dropped the ball on their movies. The x-men series was disappointing. wolverine movie sucked. I really only liked Iron Man and Hulk and didn’t mind spiderman. Fantastic 4 was so\so..didn’t like the guy that played dr.doom. I have to say that I don’t have much faith in these marvel movies. I’ll just stick to the comics i remember from the 80s\90s\early 2000s. At times Marvel gets the characters right..(eg. I thought Silver Surfer was done awesome. But dropped the ball on Galactus). Mind you I’ll probably see the movie but I won’t be excited about it.

  • @shazzam – besides the two latest Batman films, the first two X-Men movies are pretty damn good.

  • Bamm bamm

    Its seem that 2011 will be a great year for the marvel-heads lol

  • Ben

    The problem with getting adult audiences is we know how the stories are supposed to be and unlike the LOTR following the book over 90% – most of these movies are changed to make them new and unique. Like when you read a book and then see the movie- but only worse cause want that purity and can almost taste it from the still comic images. So I am just left disappointed by the results but have to give out props for the effort on making the movies. I enjoyed all of them- but the plots left me needing more true to original. Hulk is the man. I don’t think it’ll ever be made but I’ve been writing a screenplay for X-factor where the team is put together to go after the Hulk. I have all these pictures in my head of scenes in the movie.

  • I wonder if there would ever be a movie based on the game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance? I’ve been playing through that game lately and is a pretty interesting game.

  • Hey Ryan,

    There have been some rumors about a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie; however, I believe it’s unlikely you’ll ever see something beyond a direct-to-DVD cartoon, simply because of the costs and logistics of doing such a story.


  • Hey Ben, I understand. As a purist, that can bug me on some things, but for some reason it didn’t for the X-Men films.

  • Marvel Fan

    X-Men (2000), Hulk (2003) and Ghost Rider (2007) were bad; Spider-Man (2002), Fantastic Four (2005), X-Men 3 (2006), Fantastic Four 2 (2007), Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) were average; and X-Men 2 (2003), Spider-Man 3 (2007) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) were good. I haven’t watched Daredevil (2003) so I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I also think Iron Man 2 (2010) will be average, Spider-Man 4 (2011) will be good, Thor (2011) will be average, The First Avenger: Captain America (2011) will be good, The Avengers (2012) will be good, Venom (TBA) will be average, X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (TBA) will be average and Deadpool (TBA) will be average.

  • Marvel Fan

    For the fighting and action in the Marvel movies, the top 5 in order is: The Incredible Hulk vs The Abomination (The Incredible Hulk – 2008), Iron Man Desert Fight [Fight 2] (Iron Man – 2008), Spider-Man vs The New Goblin [Fight 1] (Spider-Man 3 – 2007), The Incredible Hulk vs General Ross’ Army (The Incredible Hulk – 2008) then Wolverine and Sabertooth vs Weapon XI/Deadpool (X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 2009).

  • Hey Marvel Fan, thanks for the comments. I can see we don’t see eye to eye. Here are my rankings of comic book movies already done:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. X-Men 2
    4. Spider-Man 2
    4. Batman Begins
    5. Iron Man
    6. X-Men
    7. Spider-Man
    8. Batman (Tim Burton)
    9. Batman Returns


    1. (Worst) Elektra
    2. Ghost Rider
    3. Fantastic Four
    4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    5. Fantastic Four 2
    6. Spider-Man 3
    7. X-Men 3

    Looking forward to:

    1. Iron Man 2 – excellent
    2. Captain America – good
    3. Spider-Man 4 – good
    4. The Avengers – OK, but questionable
    5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – OK
    6. Deadpool – OK
    7. Venom – bad
    8. Thor – bad

  • Mike

    top 5 comic book films: 1.Dark Knight
    2.X-Men Origins(way more action than the boredom in Iron Man and Incredible Hulk)
    3.Spiderman 3
    5.Thor(it hasn’t come out yet but i don’t care it will blow Iron Man and Not So Incredible Hulk out of the water lol)

  • Mike

    top 5 comic book films i simply hated were: 1. Hulk
    2. Ghost Rider
    3. Blade 2&3
    4. Spawn
    5. Watchmen(put me to sleep)

  • Hey Mike, well, I’m glad I agree on the Dark Knight. We definitely didn’t see the same movie when we watched Wolverine (bad editing, rushed story, terrible special effects, lots of action but not a lot of good action) or Spider-Man 3 (cheesy, too many villains). Blade was pretty good.

    I have no strong arguments on your “hated” list. I liked Watchmen, but I’m not going to defend it.

  • Smitty234

    The need to do a Kingdom Come Movie. Rich plot, timeless issues and lots of heroes.

  • Hey Smitty234,

    That would be super challenging to do – but that’d be awesome.


  • Fodal The Marvel Freak

    Cannot wait for these movies, long time marvel fan and really looking forward to Iron Man 2 and Spiderman 4!

  • daniel

    All I know, is that Marvel needs to move on these movies before they loose there continuity – the fans, like my self are hungry for this awesome entertainment.

  • Andrew

    No offence guys but i liked most of movies so far with a few exceptions that i will not name due to respect for the comic series! what i would really love to see is a movie made from the warcraft game series!! i think it would be awesome!

  • Dylan

    Luke Cage?
    And Whatever happened to Magneto and Ant Man

  • Dylan

    Luke Cage?
    And what happened to Ant – Man and Magneto

  • Dylan

    Luke Cage, Ant Man, Magneto???????????????

  • Hi Dylan, I updated with release dates for Luke Cage, Ant Man and Magneto. None of those three were mentioned in the original press release, which makes me think they are not in the same stages as the others.

  • lalaplz

    Why is everyone so surprised with the Antman and Thor movies? If you’ve seen the animated Avenger movie, you would know that all the movies coming up are members of the team. Marvel comics already said in the past that all of the members will get their own origin movie leading up to the full Avenger movie, because they’re recruited to the Avengers at the end of the movies. I’m guessing that since The Wasp is Antman’s girlfriend, her origin will be part of the Antman movie. I’m still pissed that they dissed the original actor that played James Rhodes for that older lame actor for the upcoming IronMan movie.

    And just my 2 cents, I loved the new Hulk, but, hated the first one.

  • Ohgood

    Ok, time to clear some things up. There is never going to be an ultimate alliance movie. The reason being that ultimate alliance was based on The Marvel Civil War. So you might see a Civil War movie, but never an ultimate alliance one. Now regarding spiderman, x-men, fantastic 4, ghost rider, daredevil, and electra, these movies were made by FOX. Marvel gave FOX the Marvel characters to use, but Marvel didn’t have complete control over the projects. And frankly anything fox gets its hands on it ruins. Now Iron Man and The Hulk were made solely by marvel studios. No interference from fox, and they both ended up being pretty good movies. So the list you’re looking at is the MARVEL list not the FOX list. Unfortunately since both are seperate companies it’s very unlikey that you’ll see a tobey maguire in one of the Marvel movies. Sure maybe a spiderman, but not tobey. the same goes with wolverine or any of the other characters. Considering how well Marvel has been doing its own movies i expect to see the same quality out of Thor and Captain america. Oh! and one last thing, the list is wrong about the captain america and avengers movies. Captain america is coming out 2 months before the avengers movie, and yes it takes place in WW2. So by the time the avengers movie comes out cap will have been frozen for 40 years and will thaw out and become leader of the avengers. There is no way they’ll make an avengers movie without giving cap his own introduction movie first. ok. done.