Stephen King’s It To Be Remade

Clown from Stephen King's It MovieA horror “movie” that really does deserve to be remade is in fact being remade, says The Hollywood Reporter. Stephen King’s “It,” which was originally adapted as a television mini-series, is getting an upgrade thanks to Warner Brothers.

While the mini-series feels a bit dated now, I was pretty young when I first saw it… and it gave me nightmares. Clowns are frightening enough, but evil clowns can scare the shit out of anyone. As long as the director, who has yet to be announced, doesn’t turn this movie into a montage of cheap scares, the remake of It could be quite effective.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, “follows a group of miscreants called The Losers Club who come into contact with a creature called It, who takes form in a clown called Pennywise. Years later, as adults, the group are brought together when the creature returns, even though they can’t remember the original incident.”

No production date is set, but Dave Kajganich has been hired to write the script. Kajganich is also doing the upcoming remake of Pet Semetary, and is also responsible for 2007’s The Invasion, a film that doesn’t exactly inspire raves. Given that the history of Stephen Kings movies is pretty shaky, I’ll hold my breath.

By Erik Samdahl
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