Stephen King’s It To Be Remade

Clown from Stephen King's It MovieA horror “movie” that really does deserve to be remade is in fact being remade, says The Hollywood Reporter. Stephen King’s “It,” which was originally adapted as a television mini-series, is getting an upgrade thanks to Warner Brothers.

While the mini-series feels a bit dated now, I was pretty young when I first saw it… and it gave me nightmares. Clowns are frightening enough, but evil clowns can scare the shit out of anyone. As long as the director, who has yet to be announced, doesn’t turn this movie into a montage of cheap scares, the remake of It could be quite effective.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, “follows a group of miscreants called The Losers Club who come into contact with a creature called It, who takes form in a clown called Pennywise. Years later, as adults, the group are brought together when the creature returns, even though they can’t remember the original incident.”

No production date is set, but Dave Kajganich has been hired to write the script. Kajganich is also doing the upcoming remake of Pet Semetary, and is also responsible for 2007’s The Invasion, a film that doesn’t exactly inspire raves. Given that the history of Stephen Kings movies is pretty shaky, I’ll hold my breath.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Sphinx

    I would love to see this movie remade. and to be honest I think Rob Zombie should direct it. there is no one else that I can think of that can bring that kind of creativity and the ability to capture the emotions needed in this movie to the big screen. it should also be a pretty long movie to stay true to the book.

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, Rob Zombie would be a good choice.

  • Rebecca

    Rob Zombie was the first name I thought of when I heard there was a remake of “It” being made. I didn’t care for the original tv mini-series at all. Rob Zombie would most certainly create a terrifying version of the story and take it to the next level, since the original series is almost 20 years old to date.

  • Helen

    i totally agree with all of u rob zombie is a legend at remakes just look at the work he did with halloween and now halloween 2…i cant wait to see this film remade i loved IT when i was a kid even tho it scared the shit outta me i still had to watch it

  • Somename

    It’s Pet Semetary. You’re supposed to mispell it.

  • Ahhh, thanks for the catch!

  • Cris

    Oh my god yes! Rob Zombie would rock that movie!

  • rob

    I disagree I dont think that rob zombie should come close to this movie. Rob Zombie can stick with movies like 1000 corpses and leave it up to maybe Michael bay, the newest Friday the 13th was better than the original.

  • Invisible wounds

    I personally feel…frank darabont should direct the movie…He has made some good adaptations of Mr King’s novels.The Mist was an awesome movie

  • Cindy <– this scene shows that only one person can play Pennywise the dancing clown, and that is Tim Curry.

  • Sara

    I totally agree with invisible wounds. Darabont would be the only choice in my opinion. He understands how to make a good Stephen King movie. The Mist, Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile were all excellent adaptations directed by Darabont. I hope Hollywood takes note because most movies based on King’s books are crap. Rob Zombie would be good at the gory stuff, but I don’t think he would do the story justice and it is such a good one. My favorite King book! I cannot wait!

  • Gabe

    Rob Zombie would be kickass with this. I think if Darren Aronofsky gave it a shot, he’d rock it 🙂

  • @Gabe – I agree with you. Zombie would be good, as long as he had a strong producer to keep him in line. Aronofosky would also do this justice.

  • agustin

    these are my three choises: frank darabont: he makes really and probably the closest stephen king adaptations
    rob zombie: if he made justice to halloween original version with his remake, he’d probably make justise to the book, with all the gore and sexuality stuff
    wes craven: he’s the stephen king director version, he’s made really awsome horror films
    I’d be glad to know one of them would direct “It”

  • linderman

    Rob Zombie is a good choose for new
    Stephen King movie It 2015 ?

  • The remake was almost canceled, but has been resurrected recently. Still not sure when it’s going to be released… most likely 2016 at this point.