Sorority Row (2009) Movie Trailer

Ah, the good old B-grade horror movie. Sort of. In Sorority Row, a boyfriend cheats on a sorority girl. To get back at him, the sorority pulls a major prank on him – by tricking him into thinking that he’s killed one of the girls. Unfortunately, when they go to dispose of “the body,” he decides to take his aggression out by stabbing her – this time killing her for real. The sorority girls, realizing that they are complicit to murder, have to deal with the guilt… and a cloaked figure who runs around killing them one by one.

The movie looks like fun, but it also looks pretty stupid. The trailer doesn’t make it clear why the boyfriend decides to stab the girl after he thinks she’s already dead – that’s not usual behavior. Basically, if Sorority Row goes for an R-rating, it will work (sorority girls + R-rating + murderer = good movie); if not, it may be more like Prom Night, and no one wants that.

Watch the Sorority Row movie trailer and let me know what you think:

By Erik Samdahl
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  • i hope this movie isnt r rated cuz it looks soo cool and i want to see it but im not 17 yet

  • Hi Linsday, that’s what R-rated movies are there for… to sneak into.

  • wtf

    This is fucking retarded, why would he just randomly stab her if she is already dead? I hate movies that come up with some far fetched bullshit just to make a movie that doesn’t even make any sense in the first place.

  • Response to WTF


    He stabbed her to try and break her up into pieces. That’s why they split up to find different objects to break the body up.

    You may want to listen to the preview next time….dumbass

  • Yes, stabbing her in the chest with a tire cross is a great way to break up the body… Regardless of how it’s explained, it doesn’t make much sense.

  • Cassie

    Please don’t be R- rated ive been dying to see this for ALONG TIME NOW ! ever since i heard about it i’ve wanted to see it . I’m unfortunatly not 17 yet and the last time i snuck into see a movie we got caught half way through.. i still dont know what happened.

  • Hi Cassie,

    PG-13 horror movies just don’t cut it. Pray that it’s R and expect to sneak in this time… odds are you won’t be caught repeatedly.


  • vannee

    I’m so sneaking in to this movie. Looks like its worth the trouble to sneak into ;]

  • cheez-it


  • Harold

    It says in the description at the top that he stabbed her to get his aggresion out..?

  • I am huge fan of young women and i would be deligted to see this move if there nudeness

  • ioglokjh

    doof doof

  • Seems to be a good movie. I liked the trailer. It is a remake of ‘House on Sorority row’. Though a remake, I would like to see the movie on the big screen.

  • lorada

    This movie was out standing and excellent pies of work as a film. I just heard of this movie yesterday and go on to see a trailer of this movie and finally found a good movie article of this movie and also it was trailer I think you all should see this trailer was fascinating and review does encourage the film more


  • This girl

    Ummm.. If you pay attention He wasn’t stabbing her out of Agression he was Stabbing her So They could “chop her body up into little pieces” and Dispose of it.. Jeesh Pay attention before you write a REVIEW that is all WRONG.. It actually looks like a decent movie..

  • Oh is that what he’s doing? Usually I would think you use a saw… It still doesn’t look very good.

  • For those of you who didn’t see the actual ending on theaters… The movie ended with the new Thetta Pi Sorority Sisters (Including Maggie) singing their song, and then Chugs brother appears (only his veins cut hand) with the weapon. How do I know it was him? Cause he cut his veins and the arm on the veins, were, well, cut. A lot of people in my theater didnt see it cause they didnt wait, but thankfully, We did.

  • danwat1234

    I watched that movie in theaters. It was beyond idiotic. I rate it a F