Sorority Row (2009) Movie Trailer

Ah, the good old B-grade horror movie. Sort of. In Sorority Row, a boyfriend cheats on a sorority girl. To get back at him, the sorority pulls a major prank on him – by tricking him into thinking that he’s killed one of the girls. Unfortunately, when they go to dispose of “the body,” he decides to take his aggression out by stabbing her – this time killing her for real. The sorority girls, realizing that they are complicit to murder, have to deal with the guilt… and a cloaked figure who runs around killing them one by one.

The movie looks like fun, but it also looks pretty stupid. The trailer doesn’t make it clear why the boyfriend decides to stab the girl after he thinks she’s already dead – that’s not usual behavior. Basically, if Sorority Row goes for an R-rating, it will work (sorority girls + R-rating + murderer = good movie); if not, it may be more like Prom Night, and no one wants that.

Watch the Sorority Row movie trailer and let me know what you think:

By Erik Samdahl
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