Friday Box Office: Monsters vs. John Cena

Monsters vs. Aliens, the easy pick for the weekend, took in $17 million on Friday, setting itself up fora $50-55 million box office weekend. Not too bad for a less-than-stellar-looking DreamWorks Animation film.

The big surprise on Friday was The Haunting of Connecticut, the rather crappy horror rip-off starring Virginia Madsen. The haunted house movie scared up close to $10 million on Friday, making me thankful that I saw it for free on Wednesday. Look at $20-25 million for the weekend.

And then there’s John Cena. Poor little boy. Just when he thought his Hollywood career was starting to take off, it crashes and burns. Audiences apparently learned their lesson with The Marine, as Cena’s follow-up, the much-better-looking 12 Rounds, stole less than $2 million from theatergoers on its opening day, meaning it will be lucky to make $5 million over the weekend.

By Erik Samdahl
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