Dear Zachary: The Best Documentary of the 21st Century?

Dear Zachary MovieThere are entertaining documentaries, like Man on Wire. There are political documentaries, such as Nothing But the Truth. And then there are those utterly depressing documentaries that only come along once every couple of years. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father is one of those films.

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne made this deeply personal film after one of his good friends died way before he was meant to. Dear Zachary is a video letter to the son of Kuenne’s friend Andrew, who was violently murdered by his much older and psychotic ex-girlfriend. After breaking up with her and flying her 1,400 miles away, the crazy bitch drove back and shot him five times. Subsequently, she flees to Canada and falls into what turns out to be a very slow and ineffective legal process. While the murder is disturbing, what’s worse is that Andrew’s parents move up to the same Canadian town to be actively involved in the court proceedings and to spend time with their new grandson, Zachary, who is the product of Andrew and their son’s murderer. Since the Canadian government fails to keep the woman in jail, the grandparents are forced to spend time with the person responsible for taking their son away from them. It only gets worse from there.

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By Erik Samdahl
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