Spock on the Fringe

This is how Leonard Nimoy will dress in FringeEntertainment Weekly reported today that Leonard Nimoy is likely to join the cast of Fringe, the hit Fox television show that returned to the airways last night. Nimoy will play William Bell, a former colleague of William Bishop (John Noble) and the mysterious head of Massive Dynamics, the company that has a yet-to-be-defined role in all of the strange things that have happened.  In other words, this sounds like more than just a one-off cameo but a legitimate guest-starring role.

If the contract goes through, he will appear in the season finale and will be involved in a story arc in season two.

As background, the creator of the show – J.J. Abrams – is also the director of Star Trek, and Nimoy makes an appearance in that movie. Apparently, the guy played a character named Spock off and on for the last few decades.

Let me cap this off by saying that Fringe is one of those shows that I look forward to every week. I was… er, on the fringe… when the show first started, but it has developed into an entertaining and intriguing sci-fi thriller with some truly weird things. That being said, it also inspired me to start watching The X-Files from the beginning, and two seasons in, all I can say is that, even 15 years later, The X-Files is a much better show than Fringe. But, I don’t have to choose between the two.

By Erik Samdahl
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