Death at a Funeral Remake: Great Idea. Or not.

I bet Peter Dinklage will be in the remakeThe original Death at a Funeral was pretty good. Not great, but good. It was also made in 2007, with English-speaking actors, many of whom are recognizable. It was directed by Frank Oz. And they’re remaking it. Remaking a two-year old movie that already received a U.S. release. What the hell?

This remake, of all remakes that have come before it, crosses the line of artistic integrity. Sure, there have been perfectly good films that were remade only a few years later in the form of Vanilla Sky and The Ring and several others. Those remakes are annoying enough, because if you watch the originals they are just as good or better, and not at all dated. They just don’t star as marketable actors as Hollywood can bring to the table. And they’re in a different language, made in another country, and there are a lot of people who don’t like subtitles for some sad, misguided reason (you’re exempt if you are visually impaired, of course).

But to remake a perfectly good English-language film that everyone can see, most people had the opportunity to see in theaters, everyone has had the opportunity to rent… that’s just ridiculous. It’s artistically stupid. Hell, it’s artistically insulting.

If you’re wondering, the remake will star Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence and Zoe Saldana- oh, and Kevin Hart just joined the cast. OK, there are some big names in there, but if you look at the box office history of these actors, they’re not exactly going to rake in the dough.

By Erik Samdahl
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