Has Heroes Found Salvation?

Peter from HeroesBack in December, we reported that Bryan Fuller was returning to Heroes after he had moved on to do the two-season Pushing Daisies. Fuller was one of the original masterminds of the first season, which was so excellent in so many ways. Though no one could necessarily attribute the show’s sudden decline to Fuller’s absence, it became clear early on in Season 3 that Heroes was lacking something.

Two-and-a-half months after that announcement, the show was worse than ever, leading me to make many suggestions on how to improve Heroes. Season 3 was a complete cluster, full of characters who were shells of their former selves. And then, five episodes ago, something happened. Things started happening for the better. The characters began to settle down. Plot lines began to cement. Story arcs were reduced or finished. Episode 19 and 20 marked some major transitions in the show. You may not have realized it at the time, but look at what happened: Sylar finally finds his dad and loses his annoying sidekick; Ali Larter’s character is killed off in stupendous fashion; Micah is brought back to the show in a very satisfying way; Hiro regains at least some of his powers; and Nathan and Danko finally break it off.

The last couple of episodes have further worked in the show’s favor as well, as it has focused on just a couple characters in a row. In the last episode, the show finally came full circle, as we get a glimpse at the formation of the original company, hence tying all of the “fugitive” arc into past events. It almost appears as though they quietly wrote the much-hated Mohinder off the show, at least temporarily, as he chooses to “stay behind” for all the dumb things he’s done.

Bottom line: the last four or five episodes of Heroes have been much better than the first 18 of the season. Why? Episode 19 marked the return of Bryan Fuller, and I can’t imagine it’s a coincidence that the show suddenly improved that same episode. If you’ve abandoned Heroes, you may want to give it another chance… it looks like things are finally back on track.

By Erik Samdahl
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