First Pic of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Is anyone else excited about Robin Hood? The movie is directed by Ridley Scott, who rarely – if ever – does a bad movie. The movie stars Russell Crowe, who, despite his off-screen behavior, is one damn fine actor. The movie also stars no-names like Cate Blanchett, Vanessa Redgrave and William Hurt.

In other words, Robin Hood is going to be awesome, and the first picture made its way online today, reaffirming my belief that this should be one kick-ass film. I do have to admit, though… I was more intrigued when the film was still called Nottingham and Crowe was to play the GOOD Sheriff of Nottingham, who was tasked to take down the evil thief played by Christian Bale. That would have been something.

Here’s the first movie picture from the upcoming movie Robin Hood, slated for 2010…

Russell Crowe is Robin Hood

By Erik Samdahl
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