Movie Review: The Spirit Needs More Sin, Less City

The Spirit with Eva MendesAfter years of waiting for the Sin City sequel, fans got stuck with a different Frank Miller movie – this one solely written and directed by him. Based on the comic book series by Will Eisner, The Spirit has the same look and feel of Sin City, except that it is just so, so bad.

The Spirit is about a mysterious man who wears a small mask and a red tie who has similar powers to Wolverine; in other words, he can heal really fast. Having “died” once, he refers to himself as The Spirit, protector of the city he lives in. As he deals with a variety of love interests, some dangerous, some not-so-much, he finds himself pitted against his longtime rival The Octopus, a mad inventor of sorts who’s actually responsible for his condition. Fighting and goofy antics prevail.

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By Erik Samdahl
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