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Robert Rodriguez is rebooting Predator in 2010Ah, there’s nothing like week-old news. It’s sort of the reason I don’t read newspapers anymore; by the time I read them, I’ve usually already read the stories somewhere else online.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to report on every movie announcement that comes out in a week like some blogs do; a full-time job and personal life have that effect. But I do have an opinion, and sometimes I just have to share…

Revealed this week was a remake/reboot of the classic Arnold film Predator – called Predators – to be directed by Robert Rodriguez and released in 2010. I like Rodriguez but don’t know what to think of this announcement; time will tell, but I’m worried. He’s also moving forward with a full-length version of his Grindhouse short Machete. In other words, Rodriguez is going to be busy, and not doing kiddie films.

The first trailer for H2, the sequel to the remake of Halloween, was revealed this week, and I’m… underwhelmed. I actually think the Rob Zombie remake was great, but it appears as though Zombie may be messing with the formula a bit too much.

Denzel Washington will be starring in his fifth Tony Scott film, titled Unstoppable. Washington knows where the money is, apparently. FilmJabber knows where the Oscars are, though, and they aren’t with Tony Scott.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be returning to theaters yet again, this time in live-action format. This is good news, as the animated movie sucked tadpoles. In similar news, Ed Norton and Robert De Niro will co-star in a film called Stone, which hopefully will be better than when De Niro and Pacino teamed up last year.

In 3D news, it’s possible that Spider-Man 4 will utilize the technology, a good move but one that continues the question: when will the fad die? I’ve liked the visuals of the movies I’ve seen thus far, but unless I can bring my own glasses to theater and not pay $4 more, 3D is going to get old quick.

A producer for the upcoming Wolverine movie talked about X-Men Origins: Magneto and X-Men: First Class, and it sounds like both are still going forward. Both of these films are bad ideas. You could do a dozen more X-Men movies (with a better director than Brett Ratner), but do them with the big characters, not a bunch of teenagers.

Warner Brothers released it’s summer preview, which contained a whopping one new picture. Awesome.

And there you go. Everything you need to know and more.

By Erik Samdahl
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