Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek rocks!It only took two weeks of summer to get to the good stuff, as J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek for non-Trekkies has arrived, and it is quite a spectacle. Exciting action and an entertaining, swift screenplay are capped by stunning visual effects in what can only be described as the first blockbuster Star Trek of the franchise. It isn’t perfect, but it is one of those movies I will be going to see again in theaters- and those don’t come along very often.

As an introduction, I am a Star Trek fan. I am not, however, a Trekkie. I don’t dress up, I don’t know the science behind warp drive and I can’t speak Klingon. I make fun of Trekkies, but I also have enjoyed all of the television series save for “Enterprise” and most of the movies. I watch both Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country at least twice a year, and I am slugging my way through the original series, of which I haven’t seen every episode.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • this new Star Trek is probably the best movie I’ve seen in the theaters all year; the new cast did an awesome job emulating the originals as did the script writers — tons of fun

  • Kevin

    Obviously good: great effects, good casting. Obviously bad: the story. The logic today seems to be, we can do anything (see effects) therefore, we should do anything.

    And the subtexts (don’t get me started) the subtexts running through this and, it seems, most other contemporary flicks are pure soul rot. I’m afraid there’s more uplift in an 30 second Army recruiting commercial than you’ll find here.

    The Sci-Fi menace here is not the Romulan you see on the screen. Through entertainment like this, Hollywood is assuring itself abundant audiences of the brain dead in the future.

  • Yeah, but I don’t think the story was that bad. It was overly simplistic, but it’s really not that much worse than films like Star Trek 3, Star Trek 7, etc.