Box Office: Star Trek Has Warp Legs

Zoe Saldana from Star TrekStar Trek, the massive box office winner of the weekend, turned out to be an even bigger contender than first imagined. The movie earned an additional $3 million on Sunday than estimated by its studio Paramount, giving the first signs that this movie truly is benefiting from word of mouth.

The final weekend tally, including the Thursday evening numbers, was $79 million.

An even better sign for Paramount was the amount the movie earned on Monday, May 11. Its box office revenue was $7.5 million, much better than Wolverine‘s Monday take last week, which was $5.4 million. As a better example, Iron Man last year dropped from its $100 million take to $6.9 on Monday, a much larger percentage drop.

Even though Angels & Demons is going to be big, it’s not going be as disruptive of a competitor as Star Trek was to Wolverine, for instance. In other words, Paramount must be seeing gold.

Paramount must be seeing gold.

By Erik Samdahl
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