Watch the Gamer Movie Trailer

Gamer opens on September 4, 2009 and stars Gerard Butler. The movie has a pretty stupid plot (sort of like an online version of Death Race or The Condemned), but who knows…

Here’s the Gamer movie trailer. What do you think?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Mat

    It’s almost matrix like…

  • Yeah, only dumber.

  • With “Project Natal” This looks plausible

  • jaime matyas

    This movie looks amazing…I love Michael C. Hall, especially in Dexter. His role in this movie looks cool too.

  • DUDE

    what the hell they insiste in put hiphop dude in cool movies this could be a much better movie without ludacriss is like in tranformers that fat bastard tryn to be funny

  • Trevor

    hey, that guy in transformers is funny

  • matthew fernandes

    Thanks for the interesting trailer, its very interesting. The story is very nice. Its an action cum adventurous movie. The characters are really good. I am waiting to see this movie on the big screen. For more trailer, wallpapers refer