American Idol Hype Machine Fails, Thank God

Danny Gokey: Robert Downey Jr. or Seth Rogen?American Idol‘s finalists have been determined, and the early favorite to win is not among them. Of course, the guy was never a favorite of mine.

Danny Gokey will go no further than third place in the popular Fox show, and its good riddance to a man who road the coattails of his wife’s death (through no fault of his own) and the American Idol hype machine for far too long. It was embarassing how the judges, early on in the season, praised the guy like there was no one else to win, even though he turned in week-after-week of boring performances. Sure, Gokey could sing, but hearing boring renditions and watching cringe-inducing dancing (not saying I could do better) is not my definition of a good time, nor do such things equal a performer worthy of the crown.

Thankfully, over time, as Adam Lambert proved time and time again that he is an amazing singer and performer – and easily the most exciting contestant of the show’s history – the judges coolled to Gokey’s performances. Though his singing was constantly praised, his performances were critiqued more and more – and Simon, an early proponent of the guy – soon began to show his disdain.

In the opposite corner, Kris Allen was another guy I didn’t like early on, but unlike Gokey, he actually grew on me, especially in recent weeks. He’ll still be massacred by Adam Lambert in the season finale, but props to Kris for doing what no one could have predicted a month ago. And props to America for rightfully voting out Gokey.

By Erik Samdahl
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