Weekend Box Office: Does Star Trek Win Again?

Angels & Demons this WeekendThe answer is no, but not by much. Sony had to be a little nervous when looking at Saturday’s numbers (to get Sunday’s box office estimates), as Angelys & Demons polishes up with only $48 million, only $5 million ahead of near-repeat offender Star Trek. One can only presume that Sony’s estimates were $1-2 million overeager to ensure they could say their film was #1, but regardless, it can lay claim to such a title.

Given just how bad The Da Vinci Code was, and how much more brand recognition that Dan Brown book has versus this one, $48 million can’t really be considered a disappointment; in fact, it’s a little higher than what some analysts were predicting. Still, for a middle-of-May “blockbuster,” $48 million isn’t all that much, and given its rather dismal reviews, strong legs may not be in its future. Expect this one to fade quickly, at least domestically (internationally, the movie has already made over $100 million, so no one can truly consider it a box office disappointment).

Star Trek dropped only 43% in its second weekend, a sign of strong legs. This movie is soon going to surpass X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which made $14.8 million this weekend after a 44% drop, despite starting out with a lower opening weekend a week later.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past continues to show that there is room for counterprogramming, as it dropped 33% to bring its total up to $40 million.

Visit the FilmJabber homepage for the full box office top ten. I get my numbers from Box Office Prophets, who do a great weekend recap each week.

By Erik Samdahl
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