Hounddog Movie Review: Worth the Controversy?

Dakota Fanning in HounddogDakota Fanning headlines the controversial drama Hounddog, a movie best known for featuring a rape scene of the young actress. Directed by Deborah Kampmeier, Hounddog features strong acting and a good screenplay, but it fades in the end as it fails to get to the point.

Hounddog is about a young girl named Lewellen (Fanning), who has become quite independent over the years as her father (David Morse) skips town from time to time, effectively leaving her to fend for herself. One day, though, her dad is struck by lightning, turning him into a mental cripple. Aided by her grandmother, Lewellen takes to caring for him, even though her real aspirations are to meet Elvis. But in her desperation to get tickets, her innocence is stolen, her future apparently shattered.

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • jean edwards

    I did not get the point at the end of the movie. Very disturbing that the young lady got raped. It would be nice if it showed at the end of story that she had revenged.

  • First and for most the movie was one the the best acting for Dakota. This child is becoming a young lady and played the roll better then everyone is giving her credit for. Please you all need to give it a rest its a movie for petes sake. I sound like they do on the movie. Anyway this wonderful,beautiful,inspiring young lady has played in number one movies then any child star out there. Let it rest she deserves high awards for that movie and her acting at 12 years old amazing.My all time favorite Man on Fire.