Last Chance Harvey Movie Review

Last Chance HarveyDustin Hoffman hasn’t done much of note in recent years, but he storms his way back onto the scene in a big way with Last Chance Harvey, a touching, mesmerizing romantic drama that also stars Emma Thompson.

Hoffman stars as the title character, a struggling ad musician who has traveled to London for his daughter’s wedding. Having grown apart from his daughter in recent years, he finds that he has very little to talk about with her, his family and everyone else, and when he does, he typically embarrasses himself. But on the day of the wedding, he learns that his daughter prefers to have her stepdad give her away – and that he’s been fired. As most would do, he hits the bars and forms an unlikely friendship with a standoffish woman named Kate. They spend the rest of the day together and a relationship is formed, but is what they have together real?

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By Erik Samdahl
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