Is G.I. Joe This Year’s Speed Racer?

OK, maybe the 2009 Speed Racer award goes to Terminator Salvation, but that’s perhaps a bit unfair as that movie will at least make $100 million. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra however… God, may you bless humanity and urge everyone not to see this movie.

In the so-bad-you-almost-have-to-see-it category, G.I. Joe comes to theaters on August 7, and looks absolutely – and I mean absolutely – horrible. I’ve heard a few people say they think this movie looks OK, but if the movie trailer fooled you, how about this video clip that was first shown at the MTV Movie Awards:

This is embarassingly bad, even for Stephen Sommers.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Wes

    G.I. Joe is getting uglier by the moment. Terminator Salvation is only worthy of a rental- I took my son to see it for his first ever Terminator experience, hate to say it dude, we both agreed- Speed Racer was far better!

  • Hey Wes, yeah, I can’t believe Speed Racer was better than Terminator… but it was.