Twilight Movie Trailer for New Moon Sucks

Has anyone watched the teaser movie trailer for the Twilight sequel New Moon? The teaser trailer is garbage. Absolute garbage. It looks like some kind of commercial for a TV movie, with the sappy romantic stuff at the beginning and the cheesy werewolf at the end.

And yes, I’ve read the books. All four of them. I know that New Moon is not going to make a good movie, but this teaser inspires no confidence whatsoever. It’s as if Summit Entertainment believes that they can just puke on the screen and that all of the fans – and the rest of the audiences necessary to make these movies viable – will gobble it up. Wow.

See for yourself:

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Kahl

    You’re a moron, it looks fantastic. And if you knew anything about the Twilight saga, you’d know they’re not actually werewolves but shapeshifters that just turn themselves into wolves. Get bent.

  • Sol

    Personally, I think this film looks like crap. Maybe that’s because I dislike Twilight in the first place, but it still looks very poor quality. As for your last comment. Stephenie Meyer repeatedly calls them werewolves throughout the entire four books and only throws in at the end of Breaking Dawn that they’re actually shapeshifters, so… your comment is sort of negated. Calling them shapeshifters was a little crappy thing she came up with. Telling someone to “get bent” is slightly immature.

  • Josh

    I didn’t care for the first movie but Twilight looks somewhat appealing. I’ve seem some bad trailers before and I wouldn’t say this one is bad at all. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Really…what were you expecting? By the standards of the first movie, this one should be just fine.

  • Kahl

    @ Sol: Well you said yourself that Meyer came up with calling them shapeshifters. So it’s not your place at all to say she’s wrong and call them werewolves – too bad for you that you’re not the author, so… your comment is sort of negated. The author’s final decision on the title of Jacob’s tribe was shapeshifters. Deal with it. Oh, and get bent.

  • Even if they’re shapeshifters, they are, for all intensive purposes, werewolves. I’m still not sure how a book with no climax is going to work as a movie. The third book should rock as a movie, though.

  • Brookyln

    I read the books and loved them but as soon as I saw the first movie I twilight was no longer good…I was hoping that with a larger budget for New Moon they would actuly make it a half decent movie. But wow I was wrong. “bella” Is a good actress when she is that damaged girl in speak. But she really doesn’t do bella justice. And that whole little tiny piece of the “shapeshifter” scene was way wrong. re-read the book if you don’t believe me. Sorry fans but the movies suck and will suck.

  • I think the style of the twilightis acceptable .Although it look like kind of commercial for a TV movie,in this time felt heavy load on their hhand ,it need this style to release their pression.

  • rb

    I agree, BUT it does look like it may be better than Twilight. However, they have got to fix the bad make-up on the vampires for one thing. 2nd, they need some scenes where the actors actually put feelings when they speak not just emotions showing on their face. They blurt out their lines so fast, that you can’t actually tell there are any feelings behind what they are saying. I was shocked that Twilight won so many awards because I don’t actually know anyone that was impressed with Twiglight the movie…loved the book…but majorly disappointed in the movie.

  • This movie looks crappy, especially cuz Kristen Stewart cant act, Rob Pattinson cant do the emotion thing, and i wish they’d put the Italy scene in the trailer, just so people know that Edward will return if they haven’t read the book. And I agree. The book had no climax.

  • BTW, when you read the Twilight Saga, you may like it. But just an FYI there are waaaaaay better vampire books out there (my favs are the ones by Anne Rice) like True Blood and Vampire Chronicles (Lestat over Edward any day!)

  • Eric

    The first movie had tons of “rewritten” parts just to make the movie a bit shorter, but the scene showing Bella with Laurant? That just blows. Rewriting several scenes into one, then adding things that never happened in the book is unacceptable.

  • Amy

    Oh god. I agree. The movie looks like a pile of garbage that has been puked up my an alien from mars. Its crappiness looks second only to Twilight. I love the Twilight Series, i started reading them two years ago, and there fantastic. But i agree with Pinto, there are WAAYYY better Vampire books out there, for me Vampire Knight (manga) is the fucking BOMB, it is the pinnacle of awesome and i choose Zero over Edward any day. Another fantastic series better than Twilight is Vampire Academy, where *shock* *horror* there is actually -prepare yourself- A PLOT LINE :O I said before i love Twilight, but i do understand that it is a pile of donkey crap as far as literature goes. Its a guilty obbsession.
    The movies are crap and anyone who likes them obviously has
    a) Only read it cause it is “in” and “cool” Aka: Conforming clones.
    b)Fell head of heels for Edward and ignored anything else.
    c) Only likes it because….its Twilight..which in my opinion doesn’t make it great, the movies INSULT the book.


  • @Amy, I read it because of A (though actually it was recommended to me as “good” by a couple of my female friends and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about) and also because I think Kristin Stewart is hot.

  • Jeanie

    Disappointments. I won’t be going to see it at the theater and I’m not sure I will even rent it when it comes out on dvd. It’s a mess and has been from the start. They put things in Twilight that weren’t in the book, left things out that should have been put in and absolutely nothing was in order. As for the casting, They could not have done a better job with Jasper, Alice and Emmit. The others were OK untill Bella. What were they thinking????? Kristen Stewart????? The girl could not read a line stating her name and make it sound convincing. She ruined Bella’s caracter by turning her into a spazz so to speak. Bella seemed to speak quite clearly in the book. No stuttering or speaking in half words for lack of ability to spit out an entire word in one sentence. Bella was just clumbsy, awkward and unsure of herself, NOT A BABBLING IDIOT. I watched the trailer for New Moon and to my disbelief, I was more disappointed than I thought possible.. I believe I’ll be sticking to the books.

  • Jeanie

    And one more thing, ” HE DID NOT LET HER DOWN EASY when he left” He was very cold and absolutely mean.

  • Hi Jeanie – good comments, although I actually liked Kristen Stewart. That being said, I think Bella as a literary character is one of the worst protagonists to grace a popular franchise in a long time. By the ending of the third book, I was hoping that Victoria would just kill her – her character is so unbelievably selfless it’s just silly.

  • … She looks at her finger and says out loud, “Huh. A papercut.” Jeez, I’ve never see one of THOSE before. If I’m going to watch it in theatres, I’m watching it drunk.

  • @oOoLittle LOL

  • i agree the graphics for the werewolves suck but the rest looks alright but th efirst movie was fairly decent but the end of the movie was sooooo fake and she looked like she was hyperventillating she is not a very good actress

  • Nicole

    To be honest the movies are waaaaayyyyy better than the far. I haven’t read the last one. I am kinda worried about this movie because i wanted bella to just off herself in the second book. Hopefully in the movie she won’t be so pathetic

  • Michael LaPlace

    This film will be just as bad as the first one, only this one will get a lot of Razzies.

  • ila

    the whole thing was a flop. it’s like trying to make a good movie out of something that was never really good to begin with. it’s hard and it’s also a waste of time. the only reason they’re doing it is cause of those psychotic fans that bring in the money.

  • I agree that both movies are pretty shity. The actors and actresses suck Kristen sounds like a man and Robert is hideous. And who ever thinks the movies are better than the books i have nothing to say to you except your obviously an idiot. Even if i’ve never read them the movie still would have been just as gay and corney.i didnt know a movie could actually be that bad.The only person i like in the whole movie was emmett, and only because hes hott.they say they cant make the movie just like the books butt they can at least try. I hate when they add their own parts like the stupid field trip or in new moon instead of hearing his voice she sees him:which is soo retarted. i really do hate these movies and wish Stephenie Meyer never allowed them to ruin her books. lets just hope summit isnt producing The Host.

  • i dont understand how people who read the books like the movies. either you really didnt read them or your brain damaged, because the movies seriously suck to the point where i find myself laughing about them. Robert and Kristen are both shity actors and Edward is supposed to be gorgous, godlike even, and robert is obviously far from that criteria. all you phycotic twilight movie fans your just as stupid and pathetic =)

  • Samson Farvosky

    I think the New Moon movies blow snot chunks! I am a hard core
    horror fan that wants to see were wolfs and vampires ripping each
    other apart in a good bloody mess!

    Talk about a douch bagg vampire were wolf movie that has a retarded flakey girl named Bella cannot make up her dam mind! I tolerate can tolerate a little romance in a vampire movie,I want to see end bad ,Bram Stockers Dracula was a way better movie than
    New Moon!