Land of the Lost Flops With a Hangover Box Office

Land of the LostThe Will Ferrell-starring Land of the Lost, considered this wekeend’s “big opener,” flopped hard on Friday, taking in only $7.2 million. The movie, which is budgeted at about $100 plus what must be a pretty large marketing budget, will be lucky to make $20 million for the entire weekend.

Few people are crying over this.

Up, the expected box office winner, earned approximately $13 million on Friday, and will most likely wind up at around $40 million for the entire frame, given its rave reviews and family appeal.

The big surprise, however, is The Hangover, a comedy that really hasn’t been marketed all that much despite the fact that it’s from the director of Old School. The R-rated comedy, which is generally receiving good reviews, opened to $16 million on Friday, and could remain #1 throughout the weekend if the cards are played right.

Thanks to Get the Big Picture and Box Office Mojo for the numbers/analysis.

By Erik Samdahl
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