The Hangover Movie Review + Repeat Box Office Winner

The HangoverThe Hangover repeated its dominance at the box office this weekend, taking in another $33.4 million; the R-rated comedy is now on pace to rake in approximately $175 million, against a budget of $25-$35 million. The people behind Land of the Lost (biggest flop of the year?) and Terminator Salvation are shaking their heads in shame.

Up earned another $30 million, while The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 debuted in third with an okay $25 million. Eddie Murphy’s Imagine That fell flat with only $5.7 million.

I finally posted my Hangover movie review… Read on for more…

In The Hangover, a desperate bride finally reaches her fiancé’s best man five hours before the wedding and is informed that the event is not going to happen. It’s not that the groom, Doug (played by Justin Bartha), has changed his mind; it’s just that his three friends can’t find him, and they don’t remember what happened. Cue the opening credits.

The Hangover is a man’s movie, but not one that resorts to ridiculous over-the-top storytelling for the sake of it. One of the more clever comedies in recent memory, the movie makes us laugh while keeping us guessing as to what happened and where the groom is. After the first scene, the movie jumps back two days to introduce us to the eclectic group of guys that will be taking part in the bachelor party in Vegas. Then, we see is the three “survivors,” played by coolheaded Bradley Cooper, pushover Ed Helms and strangely idiotic Zach Galifianakis (he changed his name when he became an actor, clearly), waking up to find their penthouse suite trashed and burned. Doug’s bed is literally missing, and there is a tiger in the bathroom.

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By Erik Samdahl
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