Donnie Darko 3: Another Donnie Darko

Somewhere I sense that George W. Bush is giggling somewhere, because while we have to pay for his sins, we also have to pay for Hollywood’s unoriginality. Word has it that Donnie Darko 3 may be in the works, and that puts the “franchise” now at two unnecessary sequels.

Bloody-Disgusting first broke the rumor, and hopefully it will stay as just that: a rumor. But given that S. Darko wasn’t a complete disaster, it’s no real surprise that money-grubbing sons-of-bitches at 20th Century Fox (isn’t that name a little outdated now?) want to take another stab at ruining the great original.

However, word has it that Richard Kelly, the director and creator of the original Donnie Darko, may have some involvement in this third film. Given that he has so far proven to be a one-hit wonder, this can’t be considered a complete surprise, but still, don’t mess with your own masterpiece! And frankly, I don’t know if this is good news or not. Kelly refused to be involved with the second film, and as such the movie received direct-to-DVD treatment and our ability to shrug off the sequel as if it didn’t actually happen. If Kelly is indeed involved, that gives more legitimacy to the project and perhaps means a theatrical release.

Good, right? I don’t think so. It’s obvious that Kelly always intended the movie to be a singular story, and even though he created the Donnie Darko world, another sequel just won’t be able to match the original. More than likely, it will suck, and a theatrical release could have a damaging effect on the original (think Matrix sequels).

What do you think?

By Erik Samdahl
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