Upcoming DC Comics Movie Release Dates

The FlashLast week, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story on the upcoming DC Comics movie adaptations that are coming to theaters, as well as television shows and other media projects in development. Though Warner Brothers and DC lay claim to the highly successful Batman series, the company appears to be floundering with a lot of its properties while rival Marvel has established a very strong lineup (you can view upcoming Marvel comic book movie release dates here) and their own studio.

Here are the upcoming DC Comics movie adaptations scheduled to make it to the big screen. Many of the release dates are quite vague at this point:

  • Man of SteelJune 14, 2013
  • Superman/Batman Movie (Man of Steel 2) – TBA 2015
  • The Flash – release date TBA 2016 (rumored)
  • Justice League – release date TBA 2017 (rumored)
  • No movie release dates but in the pipeline:
    • Constantine 2 – release date TBA
    • Aquaman –  release date TBA
    • Green Arrow/Super Max – dead in the water?
    • Shazam – release date TBA
    • Wonder Woman – release date TBA

As you can see, DC Comics has a lot of movie potential, but they have yet to cement many of the projects. Please comment with any updates as they come in!

By Erik Samdahl
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  • I think it’s great to see so many films planned. I don’t want to see any of them if they become rushed though. In recent years I have been very pleased with the films DC has made. They have been brilliant at balancing movies that satisfy comic fans and appeal to the average movie goer as well. I was completely amazed by the quality of the Watchmen which was decades overdue, and timeless just the same.

  • Good comment – I agree completely.

  • J

    I disagree, watchmen was complete garbage, as well as rushed. Had they broke the movie into a trilogy, they could have spent some more time developing the characters, i mean shoving 10 books down our throats in one sitting is painful.

  • Eric

    Agreed. Watchmen by far was the worst. To much going on in one movie without context. Left you saying WTF?

  • agreed with eric and j watchmen was stupid and by far one of the worst movies ive ever seen. and the action wasnt crazy either i fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie then i wake up into a love scene with this girl and a fat guy with a happy trail so then i just left the theater. I cannot wait for the “flash” movie though its about time they made him into a movie. although running really fast isnt one of the most popular superpowers nowadays i believe it’ll be a jaw dropping movie, & comon, everyone has to admit, the flash has one of the most fan favorite suits ever. it’ll be something to remember.

  • Marvel Fan

    DC sucks (no offence, DC fans). The only good DC hero(es) is Batman in Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008). DC even used the actor in the most Marvel series for their Green Lantern (2011) movie, Ryan Reynolds.

  • Fodal

    What?! Watchmen was not bad, are you kidding me? Watchmen was wonderful, i mean the graphic novel was by far way better. But overall watchmen was amazing and blew me away. Coming from a long time comic fan ever since i could remember around age 5 and now i’m 21. I would have to say these movies look pretty sweet, i just hope DC does not mess them up like they did with certain movies such as: Super Girl, Steel, and others.

  • I really liked Watchmen when I saw it in theaters, but I wouldn’t watch it over and over again.

  • Alex Chord

    I have to say, after watching the last Superman Movie, I would make a very strong suggestion to DC to stay true to the comic books. In fact, it may be in their best interest to hire a comic aficionado to help oversee the project.

    It is good however to see Batman staying true and so many possibilities coming as I have always been more of a DC fan.

  • mark7

    Mann I donno about these movies. It seems like they’ve already tried sum of these before and failed. I mean they had to start over with Batman for God’s sake! They tried a Flash tv show already. They should do with the Justice League what Marvel is doin with the Avengers. Give each character a movie and tie them together somehow and finish off with a JL movie. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Flash, ect. If they had already started doin this with Superman and Dark Knight they would be halfway into it already. Not every hero needs to be the star, they could be supporting characters since JL is a big group. DC needs to start thinking ahead and thinking smart too, ‘cuz Marvel is kickin their asses right now.

  • Austin T.

    I think Marvel is better theyre movies arnt as cheesy as DC and I love X-Men.

  • ASP3Nn

    iSee that it says “Wonder Woman” is in limbo but if and when it is green-lit, Olivia Munn is said to be first in line for the role of Wonder Woman so iReally hope that can be made into a reality!

  • LaHunter

    I agree she would be a great choice for the iconic role. Please don’t camp this movie up by casting the wrong person out of popularity….if you make it right we will come. Just model after Lynda Carter’s beauty,and calm power is all I’m saying…no Beyonce

  • LaHunter

    Sorry, Yes for Olivia Munn…

  • Javier

    personaly, I was especting a happy superman not a sad superman, I am the bigest fan of superman and I was sooo sad seeing tha DC made this movie a love movie, if I wanted to see a love movie I woud watch Titanic. If you see everything on the movie was dark, the suit, the boots, the format of the movie, a dipressing and sad superman. just didn’t like it. I woud love to have the DC webside to make a coment. I want to si muscles smiles and a powerful superman. especialy the colors. thanks.

  • Airplane61

    Wow, DC verses Marvel, what a concept, So which one is better. Well, I’d have to say, both have put out winners & losers! Although seems as if Marvel is winning the battle, Maybe because Stan Lee is alive, and the DC creators to our beloved Superman have passed on and now all that’s left are the money hungry relatives. On the DC front both Batman movies have done incredibly well. Bob Kanes been dead for quite a few years, so I guess Direction & story-line have alot to do w/the success of any movie, especially super-hero movies. So I guess we have to depend on the wisdom of Hollywood, & their choices of directors, writers, script, actors, & monies spent to make a comic book movie successful.

  • John

    its nice to see that DC and WB have many plans coming,.

    batman3 and superman reboot is release on 2012, and maybe they put green lantern 2 somewhere in 2012.

    i hope they made flash, aquaman and wonder woman movie, and its release date is somewhere 2013.

    but i think they are planning to make a flash movie then Justice league somewhere 2013? this is just a rumor, and i really don’t know if they will go this way.

  • Amor Aisu

    I always loved DC since i was a little kiddie. All of DC’s movies so far have been fantabulous. It seems, though, Marvel rushes their movies, making it hard to enjoy it. I’m glad DC hasn’t made Marvel’s mistakes.
    I just really hope they make Wonder Woman (but if they did, no actress could ever be truly her character). And by far, Batman 1 & 2 has been one of DC’s greatest. Can’t wait till 3 comes out ^-^

  • Patrick

    Dc comics should make a Legion and Darkstars movies since they’re doing green lantern they should also reboot Swamp thing and make a Captain comet film they should also make a new few superman movies one where Brainiac comes and tries to conquer earth along with Parasite showing up to cause some mayhem then make Superman Doomsday, and release a redone Steel and hire some writers that actually read comics for crying out loud. I mean seriously was that hard to get some who actually knew who Jonah Hex was for the film.

  • Marqurai

    Reading the comments I feel mine might be outta place,however, I believe DC has the advantage in movie making (even if it seems that Marvel in the lead) if the would skip live action and just go CG. My favorite comic is still Batman vs Preadtor 1 (only).DC made it a point to do Sup’s vs Doomsday- where the hell is Bats vs Pred. I know live action is out of the question (for the life of me, I don’t know why- it would translate well). I like super movies that deliver and what I mean by that is I could watch it like a child(I’m 35) and truly believe what I’m seeing, if only 1x for a couple of hours. I grew up w/subscription to both Spidy and Bats and the worst thing about that is, the only story lines and heroes (as well as villains) I enjoy watching today come from Japan. What happen to our story tellers ? When did the culture that spawn (pun intended) all the great feats of heroism go.Why am I happier to see Kurosaki Ichigo than Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. The only advantage western animation has on anime is that ours translate better to live action. However, if it ever comes down to pure CG movies anime will rule. The style screams visual sensations and a storyline to match. At the end of first FF movie, there is a Joss Stone song called “What Ever Happen to the Hero”- I have wondered the same over the past 15 years. BUT I STILL WANT MY BATMAN VS PREDATOR MOVIE,if I start a petition will I have any support.

  • sam

    dc comic makers i have watched all the movies and episodes of all heros in animation. and i am very much crazy n watching justice league. so pls release soon justice league mortol. and sorry for my english

  • Kevin

    Im personally a mega DC comic fan and I swear to god, If they do a Aquaman movie or a Shazam movie I will be royally cheesed off. Flash is by far one of the coolest original superheroes, and if his movie doesnt come out soon. Mass chaos will soon ensure, many people will die.

  • Mog78

    hey there all u hero fans. I too find the new batman movies some of the best hero movies made lately. Marvel made some okay ones, but batman brings the character to life in a way you get under the skin of it all. the newest superman made me cry. I dont really see the point of making that one at all, Cristopher reeve version were a lot better. But enough opinionating. I waswondering if anyone knows about Dr fate? isnt he getting his own movie?

  • Hi Mog78 – I haven’t heard anything about a Dr. Fate movie at this time.

  • jarrod

    i love dc comics and i would also love it if they made a flash movie. he is my favorite superhero and it would be cool to see his own movie. also a new supergirl movie would be awesome to.

  • I don’t read comic books anymore, but growing up they were a big part of my life. I’m probably much older than most of those who have commented so far, and as such much has happened in the DC Universe since I last followed the comic books.

    My age, however, hasn’t deterred me from watching & enjoying the super-hero genre movies. (This includes the Marvel films as well.)

    A friend asked me what comic book character(s), I would like to see to appear in a movie. I realize that the ones I thought of might be unfamiliar to most of you, but I feel they would have potential.

    Here goes: “The Atomic Knights” – – Okay, I know there have been a lot of post-atomic war films, but the thought of men in suits of armor riding giant dalmatians and battling evil is a fresh take on the theme.

    “Adam Strange” – – a hero from Earth without powers teleported to another planet to save the people there.

    “The Metal Men” – – I’d love to see all the special effects it would take to bring this team to life on the screen.

    Of course, The Justice League (original), The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern were also on my list, but they are apparently in the works.

    My first three are obscure, I guess, but so was “Jonah Hex.”

  • @Hale – thanks for the great suggestions! It would be cool to see some of those “lesser known” tales on the big screen. I know I read a couple of Metal Men comics back in the day.

  • Marqurai

    OK OK a lot of good ideas coming in, but what about my “Batman vs. Predator”. Live action, hell at this point I would settle for an anime. Can we please get this going!! help me plzzzzzz

  • MaD_JoKeR

    Hi guys, growing up I used 2 read a few comic books since being in south africa we didn’t have much exposure to such literature but I have a few batman, spiderman and x-men comics. Coming to the comic movie thing yes I agree superman sucked ass it was to girly dc should’ve played more to the man of steels strenghts instead of the feeling crap where I think they made up for batman and green lantern, personally I love villains theyr’e characters are always so damn colour full Joker in the dark knight serves as an inspiration to me so two damn big thumbs up to heath ledger he nailed that role, to bad we won’t see him do it again, coming on to marvel esspecially x-men, why in heavens name did they have to kill prof. X that sux no X-man or woman can fill he’s shoes the hole x-men series was a dissapointment to me too many heroes died, now Iron man on the other hand man they wen’t all out on those they truly showed off his skills and threw just enough “feelings”in and robert downing jnr plays the role great once again 2 thumbs up Thor was good but once again I feel they didn’t show enough of his powers it sux ass, Hulk well yeah the first one was awesome and on the second they got all bloody mooshy again seriously are they making super hero movies or pansy crap, then there’s the problem I have with king pin from dared devil and nick fury from iron man wtf in the comics they’re white for goodness sake that pissed me off no offence I’m not being racist here if they really feel bad for not using black actorrs why don’t they just make a bishop movie samuel l jackson would kick ass and take names in that role, coming back to dc well I’m very excited about the new batman movie bringing in bane man that would be hecticly intresting to see what happens since I’m a big fan of batman arkham assylum (played it over and over still not sick of it) flash yes well I think I’m gonna have a laugh with that one knowing his witty character so I’m seeing foward to it. After the superman movie it would just not justify making a justice league movie esspecially if it’s gonna have the same pansy ass superman (no offence christofer reeves did the character good so this superman no way) sorry guys I really have a lot to say seeing your so open minded to peoples oppinions and atleast I know I’m speaking to people who truly admire comic characters. I also have to say christian bale as batman at first when I heard he was going to be batman I thought oh well another screw up and he totally blew me away well bravo, I’d really like to see Johnny Depp play ass either joker or riddler I mean Jim Carry hell no he should stick to family comedy. Well I’d love to hear from you guys about my oppinions so don’t be shy. Thanx for the opertunity. South African comic fan

  • Marqurai

    Mad Joker- I read and reread what you posted, and for the most part I agree with you. However, as far as Blacq’s(blacks) taking up roles that were “white” in the comics, we disagree. Try to understand the time that most of these comics 1st came out there was only white. America is a diverse nation of narrow-minded people. Personally I like seeing new takes on old ideas. But to each their own. In the Daredevil movie, I thought it was cool placing Micheal Clark Duncan as Kingpin, but at the same time I was pissed that the role for Electra was played by a white woman rather than a Asian one. Still, neither Marvel or DC will ever replace their big guns, (Super, Bat, Spider/man) with some1 of another ethic background. I respect what you’re saying, but if you truly like comic book movies, then you should already be use to seeing color.
    Will you help me with my petition to get a “Batman vs. Predator” movie?- BCool

  • Fan

    I would love to see some villain movies – maybe do an entire film on Darkseid and spin into Avengers vs. Darkseid. would be novel, dark (which has worked for DC)

  • Vvcidvv

    Really? Avengers vs. Darkseid?   You realize you jumped universes, and brands?

    why not,
    Superman vs. SabertoothBatman vs. Ironman: The battle of the dueling wallets.

  • Zenyork

    DC Comics needs to refocus and realize what direction they are going in. If JLA is going to be a possibility then a inter-locking DC world must be established like Marvel has done. Hardy’s films by Nolan were excellent, but they were not canonical enough to be considered viable in that Detective Comics type of way. Thus, DC/WB is rebooting Batman franchise immediately following TDKR’s release. Green Lantern totally bombed and was NOT a good origins story (although I thought it was fun).. also, Superman is getting the reboot with the Man of Steel title, Batman is getting a reboot that will be more detective/introspective/canonical in scope, & I think Ryan Reynolds should be re-hired but the writers for GL need to make GL2 and even more polished origins-like story, getting into GL’s psyche more… then add a origins Flash, Wonder Woman, & Aquaman. THEN pull out the epic 3 hour long JLA movie!!

    DC has a uphill battle to conquer before claiming the comic book movie throne. I love DC, but Marvel is polishing off some good movie magic lately (minus Ghost Rider).

  • eriksamdahl


    Thanks for contacting FilmJabber. Unfortunately, we’re out of the office until May 25, 2012. Enjoy the beginning of the summer movie season!

  • And maybe you want to see Justice League and The Avengers versus Hydra and Secret Society of Super Villains/Injustice Gang

  • So, if those movies really film-up, we ca expect following Justice League members together:
    Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arow, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman in possible sequel.

  • I would love to see justice league vs avengers movie even thogh justice league would have them whipped in minutes

  • Another thing if you cant make a justice league movie Batman and superman movie would be nice as well… But pleast bring out a flash movie…

  • I agree except for Ryan Reynold’s i think he be better fit for the flash… he can even use his quirky humor…. I would get someone more serious and tooken serious by people in his acting skill… And nolan’s batman is going to be hard to compete with… I would bring back Cristian Bale.

  • Rocky The Great

    I hope they’ve chosen the very good teams that will do the reality movies and have a great exciting event and make it 2hours and 30 minutes all of their movies or much better if
    3 hours! for the new Record! 😀

  • Shaina

    I hope the Cast or the character in the man of steel of this upcoming movie of super-man
    is like the main character that played Green lantern because of the solid bodybuild..

  • Boney correia

    I think dc comics should go on for the mad joker again but this time the joker shud hav a partner coz i think in the 4th edition its batman n robin…..
    N christian bale is superb n should not b replaced but i think tom cruise has that xfactor in him 2 become the next batman

  • Marqurai

    Batman vs Predator. I refuse to believe that I’m the only person thatwants to see this made. It was like one of the most popular comics of all time.

  • Ignore me all you want everyone, but I’m still pushing Bats vs. Pred. I won’t stop posting until I get some feedback. BCool

  • Marqurai ONeal

    Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!Batman vs. Predator!!!!!!!

  • David Phillips

    At this point in time Dc needs to start by creating NEW BATMAN STORIES,as for most of whats been being released was written years ago….Dark knight returns was written in 1984…That was 30 years ago………Write some new material!!!!!