Mutant Chronicles One of the Worst Movies of 2009

Mutant Chronicles Sucks BallsWhy I do this to myself I have no idea. For you, my readers, I suppose. Or a deep-rooted sense to intellectually cut myself at every possible opportunity. My roommate and I sat down last night and for the next hour and a half submitted ourselves to every bad camera angle, shot, corny piece of dialogue and unintelligible moment of Mutant Chronicles has to offer. It was painful, but Mutant Chronicles is one of those movies that are so bad they’re good.

Mutant Chronicles, based on a role-playing game, is directed by Simon Hunter and written by Philip Eisner (whose only respectable screenplay is Event Horizon). God, where to start. The movie is all over the map, though it’s hard to tell what is intentional and what is not.

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By Erik Samdahl
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