Second District 9 Movie Review

The best advice for anyone that is thinking about watching District 9 is to go into the film blind. While it’s been often said “knowing is only half the battle” (a G.I. Joe catchphrase nonetheless), the other side of the battle is, of course, not knowing. The more the audience knows about District 9 prior to watching the film, the less they’ll take away from the one of the better entertaining theatre experiences of 2009. So let’s stop while we are ahead and everyone can exit this review of said film to avoid any spoilers…

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By dakotagrabowski
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  • Gab

    I would totally agree with that – especially for D9. There’s nothing worse than thinking you know all about something without experiencing it; particularly if anyone has the obtuseness to detract D9 without seeing it…. Hopefully people will be able to appreciate it “blindly” for a long time, as everyone adjusts to the reaction/success! See my review [AFTER you see the movie] at:, and share my enthusiasm!

  • District 9 was genuinely original and all around high quality as far as cinematography goes; that new no name lead actor did a great job

  • Just watched D9 – WOW fantasic job – i lost the plot a few times because of the funny lead actor ! a must to go see again ! this was great to watch and i will even buy the dvd !
    please tell me you are making the second ‘Return to D9 ‘ ????

  • Hunter Holmes

    i deffiantly think there will be a second one because the prawn says tht he will be bac in three years. There wil be a lot more action!


    I just watch D-9, and i think it’s awesome.. i hope they make a second one, because i loved the first one.. and i also want to know what will the prawn do, if he comes back to earth..

  • district 9

    remember district 9 was demolished and made district 10 wich is to have 2.5million aliens liveing in it.

  • jan

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