Adolf Hitler Weighs in on Avatar Trailer

As my roommate likes to remind me, I’m always two weeks behind on viral videos. By the time I see something funny, he’s already seen it a dozen times. At least this time, I have an excuse: I was on vacation, away from computers and technology and electricity.

Anyway, for those of you who’ve seen the Avatar movie trailer – and by now, that’s everyone – you know the trailer isn’t nearly as awesome as people were hoping for. There are high hopes for James Cameron’s action epic – his first in over a decade – but the trailer makes his movie look like a glorified (and weird) video game about Ferngully. Rumors are that audiences who’ve seen the longer, 16-minute preview had better reactions, but that could just as easily be convenient public relations at work.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the Avatar movie trailer, watch it now. And if you have, see what Adolf Hitler has to say about it. I couldn’t say things better myself. Except I can’t speak German.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Fernando Ruiz

    The Trailer is good. I like the music. Not to sure about the character design of the lead character. Kind of like a new Jar Jar binks. But they dont give any of the plot away other than this army dude somehow turns into this alien dude and then fights his ass off. So im not a big fan of giving away the entire plot during a trailer anyway but it tells enough. I just like when trailers are intense and get you pumped up. The music does that for me. I also liked the no dialogue approach where the action speaks for itself. James Cameron has never been one to have a cheap story. I think the movie is going to be good. Way better than that piece of crap “Inglorious Basterds” that you were too scared to call crap. Give this movie a chance people. By the way that Hitler video was funny as hell.

  • Fernando Ruiz

    Just watched it again…looks great. Give it a chance.

  • I hope Avatar ends up living up to all the hype — funny trailer tho, i thought i would see Tom Cruise…