Indiana Jones 5 Coming Soon

Indiana Jones 5It appears to be almost a certainty. In an interview, Harrison Ford had this to say about the prospects of Indiana Jones 5, to be titled Indiana Jones and The Quest to Be Better Than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

“The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.”

Of course, two things have to concern fans: George Lucas is “actively at work” and “if the script is good.” Lucas, Spielberg and Ford, three of the biggest names in Hollywood, proved that they don’t necessarily have the eye for what is a good script when Indy is concerned. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, while entertaining at times, devolved into a silly mess in its final act and almost overnight established the term “nuking the fridge” to mean a ridiculous, film-ruining scene.

Nevertheless, I’m excited for another Indiana Jones. It’ll give the three men a chance to redeem themselves, and I have hope that they will have learned from their mistakes (or, at least, Spielberg will have). Spielberg is one of the most consistent directors in Hollywood – if not the most consistent director – and it would be unlike him to have two missteps so close together.

What do you think?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Fernando Ruiz

    How about George Lucas just quit making movies all together.
    Lets see:
    Star Wars Episode I was Historically dissapointing and to top it off….horrible.
    Star Wars Episode II i cant even remember it was so bad…oh wait yea Yoda fight scene which was even made into a tv commercial to get people to watch the rest of the horrible movie.
    Star Wars Episode III was ehhh and then i realized it just plain sucked. The commercials for it had Darth Vaders breathing as if it was going to be the first show down with the masked villain. Instead it wasnt…just a hyper speed turn from the force to the darkside for Anakin….sucked!!!

    Spielberg? War of the Worlds? Sucked!!! Munich? Boring! The Terminal? uhmm The Terminal????? what the hell?? WOW incredibly horrible. Couldnt get through first 15 minutes.
    Catch me if you can was a Leonardo DiCaprio movie so it was okay. Minority Report?? wow biggest dissapointmen since Star Wars episode I…or wait which came out first? Either way both terrible movies with great (but ultimately waisted) Special Effects.
    Now on to Harrison Ford…..Dude i dont know who keeps writing these posts on this site but damn man it seems like your trying to kiss up to hollywood so that hollywood some how throws you a bone. You actually Give a crap to see another Indiana Jones Movie???? Hasnt your Suspension of Disbelief like shriveled up, died and disintegrated by now?? Are you really going to encourage another horrible MINDLESS Hollywood heavyweight movie??? Harrison Ford is 100% irrelevant as of 15 years ago. Go check and youll see his last good movie was indeed 15 years ago… who ever wrote this post. Shame on you. So many millions of other storys and ideas and new characters to explore out there. We dont need another Indiana Jones movie…Shame on you…..Bring back The Goonies instead.

  • I’m also looking forward to watching this movie.

  • Fernando, I agree with you on George Lucas; Harrison Ford hasn’t done anything of value recently, but I’m still rooting for a comeback. I completely disagree with you on Spielberg, however:

    Munich – very good movie (Oscar nominated, too)
    War of the Worlds – I don’t know what you were watching, but this was also quite good
    The Terminal – not as good, but still better than a lot of movies out there.
    Catch Me If You Can – excellent
    Minority Report – excellent

  • Fernando Ruiz

    Well thanks Erik. By agreeing with me on George Lucas you agree there should not be another Indiana Jones movie….Cause Lucas is going to WRITE IT! Yikes. Its a damn shame he and Spielberg are such friends. I could just picture Spielberg being described a new movie pitch by Lucas and Spielberg just rolling his eyes and going “alright George, lets do it, what do we have to lose except our reputations”….Lol.
    Trust me im torn on Spielberg. He’s directed most of my favorite movies growing up. But his latest attempts have been very lacking.
    Lets list again: ***SPOILERS FOR ANYONE READING…SORRY***
    War of the Worlds I did not like for several reasons and trust me I was waiting to see this movie for damn near a year. I was very dissapointed and here are my reasons 1. It was not a good use of Tom Cruises skills whatsoever and u know that’s true. 2. Some of the scenes with crowd reaction to giant robots was absolutely ridiculous. 3. The built up scene we were all waiting for that was even built up through tv commercials where we see the Army fight back against the robots….WAS NEVER SHOWN! let down. 4. This movie was part of the long streak of Dakota Fanning movies that came out one after another and it started getting annoying….along with how she played her character in the movie it was very irritating. Thus War of the Worlds is not a movie I ever care to see again. Hence a crappy movie.
    The Terminal???? Oh God a crappity crap crap of a movie aimed at audiences of the age of late thirtys and 40s. Not a universal movie. A waste of Tom Hanks skills. I lied, I gave it a shot and watched more than 15 minutes (its Spielberg after all. You have to) Im not a Zeta Jones fan. The movie tried to be cute but was more irritating instead. A huge chunk of the movie was wasted on Tom Hanks character trying to hook up with Zeta Jones and in the end……she goes back to the A-Hole she was complaining about the whole movie….and Hanks is happy about it!! Makes no sense. Like as if the writers just gave up trying to finish certain plot lines. Thus a crappity crap crap of a movie. Should never have been made or at least have had Spielberg or Hanks involved.

    On to Minority Report:
    Excellent casting of Tom Cruise
    Excellent use of Special Effects.
    Excellent plot idea.
    What made this movie horrible to me was the ultimately the ending. It made the rest of the movie pointless to have watched other than to see the special effects and the dipiction of the future (which I always love to see movies about) But in the end the bad guy and the point of the movie ends up being a character we never really expect. Like never!! I hate movies like that where they spend the entire movie misleading the viewer completely and the bad guy ends up being a character no one even cares about and would only suspect eventually because we know there’s only 20 minutes left in the movie so screen play writers wrap it up fast and just say “oh by the way…this was the guy behind it all…..THE END” So all in all to me pointless to watch because the plot ends up being lacking. Thus not a good movie.

    Saving Private Ryan….Great
    Catch me if you can….ill change my opinion to Great because Leonardo and the entire screenplay are really good.
    Shindlers List was excellent
    Jurrasic Park excellent
    Oh wait Munich…..just over all to me the movie was Bland. Im not an Eric Bana fan at all. The guy is not a leading actor. I hope you agree with that….uhmm and there you have it Erik. You have a great website by the way my friend. Along with politics websites this is the only other page I look at on the daily. Sorry I wrote so much. Spielberg deserves as much. But bottom line NO INDIANA JONES PART 5!!!! There are plenty of original concepts, characters and storys that could be utilized. No one cares about 80 year old Indy…..How about Spielberg direct a Marvel Comic movie hmmm?

  • Fernando Ruiz

    Im discussing this little debate with some friends and our conclusion is we would rather see another RAMBO Movie than another Indiana Jones movie… there.

  • Hi Fernando, thanks for your passionate response. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. Minority Report had a great ending in my opinion; War of the Worlds was fun to watch.

    And I’m actually looking forward to the next Rambo movie… I liked #4 quite a lot. ;o)

    Thanks for the kind words about the site, too!

  • HiloHawaiian

    Wow! I can’t believe that someone thought Minority Report was a crap movie. Minority Report is easily one of the best movies ever. And the ending is absolutely brilliant. I also really liked War of the Worlds. The end was a little weak, but I thought everything before that was pretty strong. I WILL agree about Fanning getting annoying though.

    Didn’t love The Terminal. I’ll give him that.

    I actually would like to see another Indiana Jones. I for one really enjoyed the last movie. There are a lot of flaws in it, but as an adventure movie, I thought it was great.

    P.S. It’ my first time commenting on this site but I read it all the time though.

  • Thanks HiloHawaiian – definitely agree with you on Minority Report and War of the Worlds. Glad to see your first comment at FilmJabber, too!

    Indiana Jones 4 was a harmless little movie, but I couldn’t get past:
    1. Nuking the fridge
    2. Vine-swinging monkey scene (with bad visual effects)
    3. Aliens

  • bunyan 10

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