Capitalism: A Love Story Movie Review

Capitalism: A Love Story, the new well-timed (as always) film by Michael Moore, strikes hard and cuts to the heart of yet another one of the country’s key issues, the manipulation and greed at the core of our capitalist system.  Moore traces the history of our capitalist system from our constitution, which mentions little to nothing about it, all the way through to our current economic meltdown.  Moore follows the style set predominantly in his past two films, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko, relying more on the stories of the victims than those of the perpetrators to tell his story.  Part of this probably spawns from the fact that most of the villains in his docus wouldn’t step within a 100 feet of Moore, let alone give him an interview.  It seems that the Charleton Heston-esque image killing may not be standard course for his upcoming film endeavors.

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By Nathan Samdahl
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