Blu-Ray Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

GambitEvery once in a while a movie comes along that defies expectations, that rocks its very essence, that destroys all hope of anything ever succeeding it. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not that film.

If X-Men 3 was a disappointment – and it was – Wolverine is a mitigated disaster, full of hammy dialogue, rushed storytelling and crappy special effects. The good news is that the movie is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray, which means you can watch those embarrassing effects in crystal clarity.

Even though the movie is a complete waste of time, those fans (really?) who actually liked this piece of crap will be happy to know that there are hours worth of bonus features included in the Ultimate 2-Disc Blu-Ray Edition. Note that the second disc is bullshit, as it’s merely a digital copy.

Here are the features included on the Blu-Ray:

  • A conversation with Stan Lee and Len Wein
    Lee created the X-Men (because it was “easier” to just give people super powers rather than explain some tragic accident that gives them powers) and Wein created Wolverine, and the two Marvel greats discuss their development of and involvement in the series. While parts of it feel staged, it’s still a relatively authentic conversation. Yes, I realize that’s a contradictory statement. Still, worth seeing.
  • A behind-the-scenes featurette
    This featurette is your typical promotional piece, with the actors talking about how Wolverine is going to be bigger and badder. The featurette isn’t particularly interesting, but there are a few nuggets to be found.
  • The Weapon X Mutant Files
    This series of 10 featurettes examines the various characters in the film, including Deadpool, Gambit, The Blob and others. Altogether, they’re 53-minutes long and packed with interesting details, including interviews with the actors, a comparison of the comic book and theatrical versions of the characters and an analysis of the characters’ driving force in the film. As expected, the crew defends the silly decision to change Deadpool by simply saying, “We’re glad we were able to surprise you!” Wouldn’t you love to see a DVD actually do an honest assessment of the complaints fans had?
  • The world premiere
    This short, six-minute promotional piece shows Hugh Jackman at the premiere of the movie, in Tempe, Arizona. There’s nothing of real value here, but if you want to see Jackman in his element, here you go.
  • Deleted and alternate scenes
    There are a couple altered scenes, but none are particularly interesting or exciting. I wouldn’t bother.
  • Audio commentaries by director Gavin Hood, and by the producers
  • A featurette about the filming of the helicopter sequence
    This fairly detailed piece examines the creation of the car chase and helicopter sequence, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the sequence. They really blow up a barn, crash a helicopter and do some other cool stuff, so this is worth checking out.
    I actually have no idea what this feature does. There are several different modes, including trivia mode, that play during the course of the film, but there’s no explanation within the menu system or on the box that says why anyone should give a damn.
  • BD-Live features
    The movie apparently comes with some cool BD-Live features, but since I’m new to Blu-Ray, I didn’t realize that I needed to purchase a separate storage card for the feature to work. It makes sense, but I thought some storage was built into the player.

I wouldn’t waste my money on any version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but if you’re so inclined, there are enough features on Blu-Ray that it may be worth a purchase. You can read my original Wolverine movie review here.

By Erik Samdahl
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