The Top Movies News of the Week

A lot of things happen in a week, most of them boring. Here are ten things that aren’t:

  1. Sam Raimi acknowledges and agrees with criticism toward Spider-Man 3. Says he’s “to get back to the basics” with Spider-Man 4 (set to be released in 2011)
  2. Che, which was originally released in December 2008, is finally coming to DVD – but not until January 19, 2010. It will be released as one movie versus its two theatrical parts.
  3. The rumor mill is circling Beverly Hills Cop 4; one source says the studio is looking to hire a new writer to start over from scratch, and another says they’re looking to adapt an unrelated spec script. Yet another says that Judge Reinhold and John Ashton will reprise their roles, but conflicting reports say no casting has been decided.
  4. The president of the National Association of Theatre Owners said his members were “ballistic” over Paramount’s decision to release such films as G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra to DVD only 88 days after its theatrical release. Most people are ballistic that the movie is coming to DVD at all.
  5. The documentary Michael Jackson: This Is It is selling out on Fandango, even though its release is two weeks away. And yet, concert promoter AEG’s claim that the film will make $250 million in five days seems a bit steep.
  6. Jon Favreau said he won’t be directing The Avengers, but he will be a producer.
  7. Chris Pine (Captain Kirk in Star Trek) more than likely will be the next Jack Ryan, following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and yes, Ben Affleck.
  8. Roland Emmerich is considering doing Independence Day 2, though it hinges on Will Smith’s involvement.
  9. Bryan Singer says he’s open to directing X-Men 4. Fans everywhere hope that he can wipe away the memory of the third film – and Wolverine.
  10. The screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan has been tasked with writing a Warcraft movie.
By Erik Samdahl
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