The Top Movies News of the Week

A lot of things happen in a week, most of them boring. Here are ten things that aren’t:

  1. Sam Raimi acknowledges and agrees with criticism toward Spider-Man 3. Says he’s “to get back to the basics” with Spider-Man 4 (set to be released in 2011)
  2. Che, which was originally released in December 2008, is finally coming to DVD – but not until January 19, 2010. It will be released as one movie versus its two theatrical parts.
  3. The rumor mill is circling Beverly Hills Cop 4; one source says the studio is looking to hire a new writer to start over from scratch, and another says they’re looking to adapt an unrelated spec script. Yet another says that Judge Reinhold and John Ashton will reprise their roles, but conflicting reports say no casting has been decided.
  4. The president of the National Association of Theatre Owners said his members were “ballistic” over Paramount’s decision to release such films as G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra to DVD only 88 days after its theatrical release. Most people are ballistic that the movie is coming to DVD at all.
  5. The documentary Michael Jackson: This Is It is selling out on Fandango, even though its release is two weeks away. And yet, concert promoter AEG’s claim that the film will make $250 million in five days seems a bit steep.
  6. Jon Favreau said he won’t be directing The Avengers, but he will be a producer.
  7. Chris Pine (Captain Kirk in Star Trek) more than likely will be the next Jack Ryan, following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and yes, Ben Affleck.
  8. Roland Emmerich is considering doing Independence Day 2, though it hinges on Will Smith’s involvement.
  9. Bryan Singer says he’s open to directing X-Men 4. Fans everywhere hope that he can wipe away the memory of the third film – and Wolverine.
  10. The screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan has been tasked with writing a Warcraft movie.
By Erik Samdahl
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  • Fernando Ruiz

    1. Well its sad to see he realized SM3 was weak after 2 entire years of shooting it and completely wasting a GREAT VENOM storyline. He should have waited to use Venom more properly for SpiderMan 4 and dedicated SM3 entirely to the Sandman. Sandman was excellently casted and could have had a great storyline that filled the entire movie with excitement and interest. Instead the plot was aaaaall over the place. He could have included a Carnage side story in SM4…it would have been great. Oh well

    2. Che was actually an excellent movie. It sucked to have to pay to rent TWO! dvds from blockbuster. But both movies were great. First time we really get a real step by step description of how Cuba was conquered. Benicio did a fantastic job and this is probably Stephen Soderberghs best film to date (yes oceans 11 was ok and traffic was ok too) it was also strange how they filmed basically TWO movies on Che. Odd but great. Good to hear the DVD will Combine the two films into one. Cant wait to go buy it.

    3. Another 80s movie that we DO NOT! have to have another sequel to. I would love to see an Eddie Murphy film where he doesnt use some stupid accent but this franchise died with Part 3. This would be like another Rush Hour movie that we do not need either. NO TO Beverly Hills Cop 4!!!

    4. I didnt see this movie but i heard that if you were a fan of the cartoon and toys. (Which i was since growing up in the early 80s) that i would at least appreciate this movie because you do indeed get the feel of a GI Joe auora. Perhaps the film on its own isnt so great but then again Stephen Sommers makes horrible movies and destroys great Movie ideas….shame. Cant wait to watch it though…even if only once.

    5. hmmmm do i need special glasses in order to view this? Maybe this is about that Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington movie that was supposed to come out about a Secret Organization that controlls the U.S. Government. who knows. Spooooky

    6. Not a fan of Michael Jackson so dont care about this whatsover. Dude was creepy as all hell. Plus them charges against him. No sorry, Michael had potential to do many things. Instead he built a carnival at his home for little kids….Rip though.

    7. Cant wait to see The Avengers. Hope a war with Russia, Korea, Venezuala, Iran, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iraq aaaaand Dubai doesnt stop this project from being made since this is coming out on an election year. And you know how them pesky war mongers love to stir things up around the world so their people have an excuse to be elected…cant wait though.

    8. Chris pine will star in this franchise? Well im sure hes better than that god awful Ben Afleck who destroys every movie hes ever been in….especially Daredevil. Wow this guy must be blackmailing somebody in Hollywood honestly. Oh but that Jack Ryan franchise is cool. Hope they dont whitewash facts and stories.

    9. Independece day 2?? hmmmm Rolland Emerich is not the greatest director. Just because this was a blockbuster movie doesnt mean we need to see what happened to Will Smiths Character. Actually this movie would only be good if the story followed Ronald Reagans theory of how there would be no more nations if an Alien force attacked our planet. So the story should revolve around America being the new complete ruler of the planet and One World Government controlling the entire planet all in the name of Humanity!! If ID2 doestn follow that story line. Im not interested. lol

    10 Brian Singer?? Wow the MOST overrated director in the Hollywood. All three Xmen sucked especially his two. They follow comic storylines somewhat but they are so overly dramatic and slow you get the sense that your watching a CSI episode instead of a SUPER HERO MOVIE!!! i hate that he ditched the idea of using costumes. What the hell??? Spider man uses his. Daredevil uses his. Iron man uses his. Hulk uses his. Punisher uses his. Ghost rider uses his. Why not the X MEN??? wack. Oh Superman uses his also lol!! Superman by the way was possibly the second biggest most anticipated movie that 100% dissapointed since Star Wars episode 1. Brian Singer should direct tv shows. He is not a Hollywood movie director at all. Along with M. Knight Shamalamanaana

    11. Warcraft movie? uhmmm whatever yo. Sounds better than another Harry Potter film..

    and there you have it.
    Another great blog my freind on this great site.
    You should collect Movie news and post these blogs like twice a month.
    Keep up the great work!!

  • Hey Fernando, thanks for the awesome comment! I completely disagree on your assessment of Bryan Singer’s X-Men flicks, though.