The Latest Movie News: Blair Witch 3?

Here’s a recap of the latest movie news from the last week:

  • Robert Zemeckis announced that a script, by the original writers, is in the works for Roger Rabbit 2. Ironically, a movie that stars a cartoon may be his first movie in a long while to feature live-action actors.
  • Eduardo Sanchez announced some troubling news: he is preparing to pitch a spec script to Lionsgate for a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Though he plans to ignore the disastrous second film, this still sounds like a desperate money play.
  • John Rhys-Davies said he won’t be returning to The Hobbit as Gimli, which makes sense since Gimli isn’t in the book. He said he would like to return as an elf or another character, though.
  • A production company has acquired the rights to remake Gattaca, which starred Ethan Hawke, as a futuristic police procedural on television.
  • Anthony Hopkins will play Odin, father of Thor, in the upcoming Marvel action film.
  • Tropic Thunder screenwriter Etan Cohen has been hired to write Men in Black 3.
  • Mad Max 4: Fury Road is moving ahead with Tom Hardy in the role once played by Mel Gibson. Charlize Theron will co-star.
  • With a bunch of other projects in the pipe, J.J. Abrams will unfortunately not direct Mission: Impossible IV. He will produce the project, however, and said that the story will not be a reboot.
  • Producer Stephen L’Hereux said that the long-rumored Sin City 2 may finally go to cameras in the second half of 2010, to be directed by both Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.
  • It looks like a Monsters vs. Aliens sequel won’t e happening, due to lackluster international reception. Other than being in 3D, the movie really wasn’t that good.
  • Director Peter Berg has dropped out of doing Dune, and rumors put Neil Marshall or Neill Blomkamp as possible replacements.
  • Shortly after announcing that Matt Damon and Josh Brolin would star in the Coen brothers remake of True Grit, the famed directors stated that the movie would follow the novel more closely, bringing to life some of the humor that “was lost in the original.”
  • Joe Wright will direct Kiera Knightley in a remake of My Fair Lady.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Fernando Ruiz

    I had tried writing an excellent comment for your second movie news post and i accidently tapped my mouse and lost it all. It was quite long. Ill attempt to draw some comments to this great sight once again…love movie news.

    1. Robert Zemeckis is one of them great classic directors like Stephen Spielberg. Its exciting everytime hes preparing a new movie…except that awful tom hanks train movie…didnt even get through it…..Beowolf was excellent though. Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite movies. Would love to see that revisited with new technology…be funny if they included the casts of the simpsons, family guy and south park in there..but i guess theyd stick to the old school theme where disney and warner bros cartoons ruled.

    2. The Blair Witch 3? yeah im with you. I didnt watch part 2 and ill take your word for it. It seems this Eduardo Sanchez guy must think that he started the whole Paranormal Activity trend so hes trying to ride on that movies coat tails. Give it up Eduardo….go make an original movie if your such a good director!

    3. John Rhys Davies….if he was one of those two annoying hobbits that tagged along with Elijah Wood and that dude that played Rudy…i hope he IS in the Hobbit and that his character gets brutally killed by some sort of giant monster and that every time the monster opens its mouth to take another bite of him we see his character screaming in pain and in pieces inside the monsters mouth until hes completed eaten up….that would be great cause i hated those two tag along hobbits…wait the Hobbit is a prequel huh? Dammit! that means he would have to survive…oh well still would have been

    4. Gattaca is one of my favorite movies. It was just kind of cool how they brought together all the Big Brother Futuristic Cloning Police State Spacetravel Science Mystery Crime theme into a tale of a guy that beats all he odds. It was also the first movie a saw with Jude Law. This was before he blew up. I still remember thinking why isnt that guy in more movies? Hes a great actor…then he ends up being one of the great Actors of our time…as far as this idea…i dont watch too much tv so i dont really care.

    5. Thor. Deniro, Hopkins, Kenneth Branagh…. this movie is just going to kick ass…..nuff said.

    6. I didnt really like Tropic Thunder or MIB 2. So not too excited about that sequel or the fact that Etan Cohen is writitng it…..wait just read that this guy wrote Idiocracy which is one of my favorite movies….well the other movies sucked so this guy should write a sequel to Idiocracy instead. He set it up at the end and everything. Plus Maya Rudoloph has stared in a critically acclaimed movie since then…write Idiocracy 2 instead Etan!!!!

    7. I just read that Tom Hardy is the guy that plays Charles Bronson in Bronson…i havent seen this movie but the trailer looks pretty cool. Hes sort of ripping off Daniel Day Lewis in There will be blood but its ok. If this guy brings that energy to Mad Max ill give it a chance. As long as they make it more of a political movie where they try to figure out what happened to the world instead of just surviving in a cliche post apocaliptic world run by brainless savages….weve seen that movie a million times since the last mad max movie. Oh and Charlize Theron? Thats cool shes hot.

    8. JJ Abrams should make a sequel to Cloverfield. That movie was very well made. Mission Impossible just doesnt do it for me. Its an irrelevant franchise. James Bond has that whole genre locked up.

    9. Anything Robert Rogriguez is always worth your money (except The Faculty ugghhh) so cant wait for Sin City 2. The first one was excellent. Hope they bring Marv back.

    10. Didnt see Monsters vs Aliens. The idea sounds cool but theres so many of them computer animation movies now i dont know which to watch. Im too old to try and watch them all. Where the hell is The Incredibles 2 at????

    11. Dune? Isnt there already a remake to the David Lynch movie?? Didnt really feel the concept too much…Spice? Still dont know what the hell that is….The people contemplating this idea should just start from scratch with a brand new original idea. Come on HOLLYWOOD quit being so dammed lazzy!!!

    12. The Cohen Brothers are another great pair of movie makers who make movies you have to watch at least twice. Matt Damon and Josh Brolin another great pair of actors. Give all these guys the benefit of the doubt no matter what when it comes to the movies theyre working on (brolin was even good in Planet Terror…lol).

    13. My Fair Lady? never heard of it. Keira Knightly? You should all watch Atonement. Fantastic movie with James McAvoy. Fantastic scene at Dunkirk during WWII. Highly recommended movie Film Jabber fans….

    ..And there you have it Film Jabber. Hope this helps to bring a few more comments to your posts. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks for the great comment, Fernando.

    1. Zemeckis used to be a classic director – I feel he now has to prove himself after the lame movies he’s created over the last several years.

    3. John Rhys Davies played Gimli the Dwarf… so not, not a hobbit.

    8. I loved Mission: Impossible 3… one of the most overlooked action movies of the decade.

    9. I agree with you on The Faculty. The third Desperado movie sucked, too. But he usually makes pretty good action flicks.

    11. I’m pumped for a theatrical version of Dune that stays true to the book – you should read the book. Amazing.

    13. Glad you liked Atonement! Amazing film…