Blu-Ray Review: Say Anything 20th Anniversary Edition

say-anything-blu-rayThe boombox is back! Say Anything, one of the quintessential romantic comedies of the 1980’s, is coming to Blu-Ray in an all-new 20th Anniversary Edition.

Say Anything marks the directorial debut of Cameron Crowe and stars John Cusack as a young man named Lloyd Dobler, who’s one mission in life is to date Diane Court (Ione Skye). The movie looks at the rise and fall of their relationship in a very sincere way, which sets it apart from a lot of the teen comedies that were to follow.

I didn’t grow up with Say Anything (I first saw it just a couple years ago), and so I’m not a Say Anything fan, but it’s still a solid and engaging film with great performances and direction. Thanks to Crowe’s ability to explore his characters with amazing depth, the movie, even after 20 years, doesn’t feel very dated – and that’s always a good thing when dealing with the 1980’s.

The Say Anything Blu-Ray comes with the following bonus features:

  • Commentary by Cameron Crowe, John Cusack and Ione Skye
    I haven’t listened to it, but I wonder if Cusack and Crowe spend time pointing out how much more successful their careers have been than Skye’s.
  • An Iconic Film Revisited: Say Anything … 20 Years Later
    This little featurette includes interviews with all the major players involved in the film as they look back on Say Anything and what made it so special. The featurette feels slightly promotional in nature, but a few good insights are provided, especially around the working style of Cusack and the creation of the infamous boombox scene. Still, it’s nothing amazing.
  • A Conversation with Cameron Crowe
    This featurette simply has Crowe talking to the camera about his experiences on set. The conversation feels very sincere and honest, as he talks about the challenges of his directorial debut and various aspects of the movie. This is the best feature on the disc.
  • I Love Say Anything…!
    This seven-minute featurette is one of those segments you see on E! Channel where a bunch of comedians or C-level celebrities talk about their memories of a movie or person. In this case, they’re talking about Say Anything – mainly good things with a few minor jokes. There’s nothing particularly funny, though.
  • To Know Say Anything… Is to Love It! Trivia Track
    You can add a trivia track to run while watching the movie. I’d rather just watch the movie, but if this is your kind of thing…
  • Alternate Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes
    There’s a surprisingly large amount of footage to be seen here, some of which is pretty good.
  • Theatrical Trailers, TV Spots and Photo Galleries
    This is self-explanatory.

Most of the special features save for the “20 Years Later” featurette appear to have been released on DVD before, so there’s not much to the Say Anything: 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray. That being said, it’s fun to revisit the movie – especially if you don’t already own it.

By Erik Samdahl
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