Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

Fight Club Blu-RayFirst rule about Fight Club: Talk about Fight Club.

Brad Pitt and Ed Norton return to the small screen in a 10th Anniversary Edition of the cult classic Fight Club, which is directed by David Fincher. This is the first time the infamous film has been released on Blu-Ray. While I’m not as huge of an advocate of the movie or its ending as many fans, Fight Club is still a movie that should be in a guy’s collection – and what better time to add it than the holidays?

However, if you already own the DVD version, there’s not much in the way of new bonus features to tempt you into buying another bar of soap. The only new feature of note is a Flogging Fight Club featurette, which has Fight Club being inducted into the “Guy Film Hall of Fame” by none other than Mel Gibson wielding a giant sword and kilt. The featurette watches as Norton, Pitt and Fincher prepare their acceptance speech and poke fun at the critics who called their movie “vile.” It’s mildly funny.

Unfortunately, the other two bonus features are both interactive ones, and I really have no interest in interactive Blu-Ray (or DVD) bonus features. A Hit in the Ear is a sound mixing tool where you get to add and remove sounds from scenes; the introduction by Ren Klyce is well worth it, as he explains how they came up with the punching sound effects (they tried punching chickens, but that wasn’t quite right), but the actual tool lost me after about 30 seconds. I just can’t imagine that many people sit at home playing with these little Blu-Ray widgets.

Another bonus feature called Insomniac Mode: I am Jack’s Search Index, which is a feature that overlays the movie. Thrilling.

Though the exclusive Blu-Ray features have more bark than bite, those who don’t already own the DVD version won’t be too disappointed. Also included on the disc are deleted and alternate scenes, trailers, a music video, behind-the-scenes vignettes and, rather impressively, four feature-length audio commentaries by various members of the cast and crew.

By Erik Samdahl
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