Friday Box Office: Avatar Digs Up $27 Million on Friday

avatarAny questions about Avatar‘s box office viability may have been diminished as the James Cameron sci-fi epic – his first movie in over ten years – dug up $27 million from audiences on Friday. It’s not ground-shattering, but it is a solid opening. With two weeks of quasi-vacation (at the very least, two four-day weekends in a row for us working folk), the movie has a good shot of climbing toward its reported budget. Will it recoup its costs domestically? I doubt it, but I’m no box office analyst, either.

Oh, and for all those people who keep comparing Avatar to Titanic : Stop it!

I’ve already seen some articles today pointing out that Avatar made on Friday what Titanic made in its entire opening weekend – so what? Avatar is going to have neither the ridiculous legs of that Oscar-winning film nor the staying power. There’s also much more of a fanboy rush to this one, though given how hesitant people were (myself included) about whether Avatar would actually be any good, strong word of mouth should help it over the next month.

By the way, I did see Avatar last night in IMAX 3D, and while the story is just okay, the visual effects are the best ever made. The movie trailers don’t do the film justice; James Cameron has once again set the benchmark for special effects.

By Erik Samdahl
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