An Education Movie Review

Carey Mulligan in An EducationA contender for Best Picture this year is An Education, a smartly written, well-acted coming-of-age drama about an intelligent teenage girl who, while attempting to get into Oxford, falls in love with an older, more rebellious man who encourages her to question much of her beliefs. Unfortunately, the movie’s lackluster ending keeps it from greatness.

An Education, set in 1960’s London, starts out as a great period piece, portraying a time where youth were beginning to question the values of their parents more so than ever. Twenty-four year old actress Carey Mulligan turns in a Golden-Globe nominated performance as Jenny, a sweet, innocent teenager who is disinterested with her father’s insistence that everything she do be for getting into Oxford, but who hasn’t found an outlet for her frustrations. Enter David (Peter Sarsgaard), a charming, slightly older man who knows how to win over people, but who also pays for his luxurious life by stealing.

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By Erik Samdahl
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