The Princess and the Frog Movie Review

princess-and-the-frogAfter five long years, Walt Disney returns to the traditional animation techniques that powered their classics for decades with The Princess and the Frog, a beautiful, entertaining and rich tale that will appeal to audiences young and old.

The Princess and the Frog is about a lower-class black woman in 1920’s New Orleans who has been saving since she was a child to own and run her own restaurant. On the verge of obtaining her dream, she encounters Prince Naveen – who has been turned into a frog by the evil, voodoo-tinkering Shadow Man – and agrees to kiss him to turn him back into his human form. Instead, the kiss turns her into a frog as well, and the two set out through the bayous of Louisiana to figure out a way to set things right and save their friends from the Shadow Man’s nefarious plans.

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By Erik Samdahl
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