Blu-Ray Action Movie Tuesday

The Phantom, The Running Man, Drop Zone and Hard RainReturning from a week-long vacation/business conference, I was delighted to discover Lionsgate was so kind to have sent me four action movies on Blu-Ray – three of which I’d forgotten even existed. The Running Man, Hard Rain, The Phantom and Drop Zone are now available to own on Blu-Ray.

The Running Man, of course, is the futuristic action-thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, about a man who is thrust into a real-life gauntlet of life and death. Plenty of movies have attempted to capitalize on similar circumstances, but few have achieved the cult status of this flick. Though it certainly has attained a level of cheesiness after 20 years, The Running Man still holds up surprisingly well.

Hard Rain is a legitimately decent action-thriller starring Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman, about an armored car driver stuck in a flooded city with a gang of hoodlums. Freeman actually plays a villain here, as he did so in a few films in the 90’s, but he isn’t particularly memorable; neither is Slater, but ten years later it’s clear who won the battle. There’s nothing remarkable about the movie, but it has enough excitement to garner another viewing.

Before he starred as the villain in Titanic, Billy Zane was somehow given a leading role in the superhero adaptation The Phantom. Zane spends most of the movie riding a white stallion through the jungle in a form-fitting purple outfit – in other words, his camouflage sucks. Even back in 1996 the movie featured terrible special effects and cheesy moments, but it did have its moments. Nearly 15 years later, it is clearly lost.

Skydiving was all the rage in the early 90’s, as evident in Drop Zone, a Wesley Snipes thriller that has him parachuting after the bad guys. Garey Busey, Yancy Butler and Michael Jeter also star in the movie, which, if I can recall, was unremarkable. Still, Snipes was fun to watch in his prime – and the early 90’s were his prime.

By Erik Samdahl
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