Shutter Island Scares Up Big Box Office Weekend

Shutter IslandFriday box office results are in, and it appears Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are on their way to the best weekend box office opening of their collaborative outings, with $30+ million. The horror-thriller Shutter Island, their fourth movie together, opened to a higher-than-expected $14 million on Friday.

Shutter Island has received decidedly mixed reviews, but it still sits at 67% fresh on Based on anecdotal comments from coworkers and friends, this was definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the winter. That anticipation was reflected in the box office results on Friday. Apparently, Paramount’s decision to push the film back from October to February has paid off. Their previous best was The Departed‘s $26 million opening.

In other news, Valentine’s Day plummeted down to earth, no longer protected by its matching holiday. The movie, which earned over $50 million last weekend, garnered only $5.1 on Friday.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians earned $4 million and Avatar $3.9 million, while The Wolfman, which opened to higher than expected returns last week, got bit by a wolf and crashed to only $2.9 million, a 70% drop.

By Erik Samdahl
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