Google Trends Suggests No One Cares About Shrek 4

shrek-forever-afterShrek Forever After – the fourth Shrek movie – comes to theaters this Friday, and no one cares.

After Shrek and Shrek 2 proved to be critical successes (Shrek 2 was better than the first one, in my opinion), DreamWorks spent the few years leading up to 2007 creating the atrocity that was Shrek the Third, which was a perfect example of a movie gone horribly, horribly run. Recycling old jokes and delivering new flat ones, Shrek the Third was painfully unfunny… but it still made a lot of money. That, combined with the fact Mike Myers’ career has flatlined after one too many bad accents, means that the green ogre is back for what looks like another not-so-funny adventure.

If Google Trends is any indication, and who knows if it is, most people don’t give a damn that Shrek Forever After is coming to theaters in just a couple days. The site, which shows global Google search trends, suggests that anticipation for the animated flick is drastically down from past years.


In the movie’s defense, I like the concept of Shrek Forever After and the writers seemed to have figured out what went wrong with Shrek the Third – except the trailers for the fourth movie just haven’t been very funny.

By Erik Samdahl
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