Summer Movie Guide: 11 Movies to See in June 2010

Can you believe it’s already June? I can’t. Here in Seattle, the weather is still cloudy and cold, and the May movie season turned out to be a magnificent flop, with only Iron Man 2 being a worthy watch. Thankfully, June looks a bit better… but not that much better, as there are only two must-see’s this month. Without further ado, here are 11 movies to see in June – and don’t hold it against me for putting Twilight: Eclipse on the list.

11. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – June 30, 2010
(Watch at your own risk)

Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner return for another round of poorly written romance, but at least in Eclipse, there’s a plot that could appeal to guys. In the third Twilight movie, Victoria (now played by Bryce Dallas Howard) recruits a vampire army to kill Bella, forcing the Cullen clan to join forces with the werewolves to fight to the death.

Our take: I’m embarrassed this movie even made the list, but I’m morbidly curious how this movie turns out. New Moon was downright dreadful, but Eclipse is the one respectable movie in the series that can actually promise a thrilling climax. It most likely will still be terrible, but only time will tell.

10. The Karate Kid – June 11, 2010

A nearly sacrilegious remake of a classic tale, The Karate Kid stars Will Smith’s kid as the bullied boy who decides to learn karate under the tutelage of a wise but eccentric master (played by none other than Jackie Chan).

Our take: When this was forced announced, everyone gasped in unison. But the trailers have suggested that it will have its own identity, and quite possibly be entertaining. Still, we doubt it can live up to the original’s drama or that Jackie Chan, as likable as he is, can fill Pat Morita’s shoes. The fly swatter scene is pretty good, though.

9. Grown Ups – June 25, 2010

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and Rob Schneider star as four childhood pals who reunite as adults. The concept doesn’t look much more complicated than that, as the trailers show James unsuccessfully swinging on a rope (only to slam into a tree, the ground, some roots and a few rocks) and the four men peeing in a chemically altered pool.

Our take: I wasn’t blown away the first time I saw the trailer, but having seen it a few times since, it makes me laugh just a little more each time. The movie could certainly end up being insanely stupid, but it’s hard to think that these four actors can’t squeeze out enough hijinks to make Grown Up worth my time. Oh, and Salma Hayek is in it.

8. The A-Team – June 11, 2010

The popular television show from yesteryear is getting the big screen treatment, with Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel in leading roles. In the movie, the “alpha” team is framed and betrayed by their country and ultimately sent to prison. But they escape to prove their innocence and lots of stuff blows up.

Our take: Though I remember watching and enjoying the show as a kid, I don’t remember being a diehard fan, nor do I remember much about the show at all – for instance, when I first watched the trailer I wasn’t expecting it to be so intentionally cheesy. Though some people are pumped for this movie, I could see this easily being a disaster – but I’m intrigued by the movie.

7. Cyrus – June 18, 2010 (limited)

John C. Reilly has met the woman of his dreams, but he first must win over – or defeat – his future stepson, played by the insidious Jonah hill.

Our take: The trailer plays Cyrus off as a drama until it takes a hard turn into dark comedy, and dark comedy when done right is well worth it. If anyone can bridge the gap it’s John C. Reilly, but then again this movie could just as easily end up painfully dull.

6. Ondine – June 4, 2010 (Limited)

Colin Farrell plays a down-on-his-luck Irish fisherman who pulls a beautiful woman named Ondine from the ocean. His daughter believes she’s a mermaid, and even the fisherman begins to suspect something magical is in there as his luck begins to improve. Still, there may be a darker reality at work.

Our take: Ondine is from director Neil Jordan, who has done such work as The Good Thief, Interview with the Vampire and The Crying Game. Needless to say, he brings some credibility. Having just watched this movie this afternoon, I can say it, while not perfect, is well worth seeing. Beautifully filmed and well acted, Ondine is a well done adult twist on a classic fairytale.

5. 8: The Mormon Proposition – June 18, 2010 (Limited)

As is widely known by now, Proposition 8 in California was passed, restricting the rights of gays and retracting their ability to marry same-sex partners. The controversial law immediately evoked outcry from across the country, and that was before it was revealed that the Mormon Church ran an incredible lobbying campaign, using its devoted church members from across the country to swing the vote in favor of bigots and discrimination. This documentary examines why the Mormon Church became involved, the precedent such involvement sets and how it succeeded.

Our take: Having already seen this movie, I can simply say that it is a disturbing documentary that presents a very scary image of the Mormon Church. While certainly one-sided, the documentary is effective at drilling to the heart of the matter.

4. Splice – June 4, 2010

Oscar-winning Adrian Brody is starring in not one but two horror movies this summer, the first of which is Splice (the other being the action film Predators). Apparently he won’t be making out with Halle Berry onstage anytime soon. In Splice, he and his cohort (played by the talented Sarah Polley) tamper with human DNA to create a new species that is half-human, half-monster. Just as in Species, their creation proves to be a not-so-good thing.

Our take: I’m not taken by the creature design, but the concept is chilling. Furthermore, the previews have shown that the movie could have some authentic scares, or at least be legitimately entertaining. Also, studios rarely shove horror movies into early summer unless they think they have something that could get good word-of-mouth.

3. Get Him to the Greek – June 4, 2010

A quasi-sequel to the excellent Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek stars Russell Brand in his trademark role, the sex-crazed rocker Aldous Snow. Jonah Hill stars as the intern who must get Aldous from Point A to Point B.

Our take: With writer/director Nick Stoller once again helming, we can only expect more R-rated hilarity. The trailers aren’t very funny, but then again, neither were the trailers for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

2. Knight and Day – June 25, 2010

Many audience members have discounted Tom Cruise for his loony behavior in recent years, despite the man being a very talented actor and a resume that reveals few blemishes. So, it’s only fitting that in Knight and Day, the new action-comedy from director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, Cop Land), Cruise plays an Ethan Hunt-like superspy who has apparently had a nervous breakdown. Cameron Diaz becomes his unwilling sidekick.

Our take: Cruise salvaged a bit of his career by playing funny in Tropic Thunder, and as long as audiences see his slightly deranged performance here as a play on himself, Knight and Day could go a long way to reconnect with audiences. It also looks wickedly fun, as punctuated by one line of dialogue: “Nobody move or I’ll kill myself and then her.”

1. Toy Story 3 – June 18, 2010

The third in the storied franchise (get it? I know. Hilarious.) and what could be the biggest Pixar movie ever is about Andy heading off to college and his toys, including Woody and Buzz, being shipped to a day care that, at first, appears to be paradise… until the children go all Gladiator and unleash hell.

Our take: All expectations are that Toy Story 3, which once again stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, will be another instant classic from the Disney unit, and I don’t see any reason why it will be anything but.

By Erik Samdahl
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