Percy Jackson DVD Review: Not Very Heavenly

Based on a seemingly popular book series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is about a dyslexic teenager in New York who, after being attacked by his step-teacher-turned-winged-creature-from-hell, discovers that he is in fact a demigod, the son of Poseidon, can control water in unnatural ways (he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom for days on end!) and that many believe he stole Zeus’s lightning – which just isn’t a very smart thing to do. Throw Hades into the mix and we have ourselves an adventure.

Directed by Chris Columbus, The Lightning Thief feels like a less-clever and less-imaginative version of the Harry Potter movies, of which Columbus directed the first two. As he proved with Harry Potter, Columbus is adequate and directing child fantasy fare, but not great at it. The Lightning Thief moves at a fast pace and you can see the potential in every scene, but the production feels just a little shoddy – an apparent trademark of Columbus.

The mild hit comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on June 22, 2010, and 20th Century Fox has been so kind as to send me a review copy of the DVD. Unfortunately, there’s not much to review. Though the Blu-Ray features 10 extended/deleted scenes, some behind-the-scenes featurettes and more, the DVD contains half the amount of deleted scenes (all of which were removed for good reason), a quiz and a short featurette called, “The Book Comes to Life.”

The featurette is worthless and very promotional in nature. In it, author Rick Riordan talks about the movie adaptation and how much he loves it; in other words, you have a guy praising how kick-ass his own movie is. Little insight is given into the production or changes from the book; in other words, there’s no real reason to watch it.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief will make a worthwhile rental, but it’s not good enough to own and the DVD features add little extra incentive.

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By Erik Samdahl
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