Blu-Ray Review: Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition

The Robert Rodriguez-produced “reboot” of the Predator franchise – Predators – opens this coming Friday, and it was inevitable that 20th Century Fox would unleash an updated edition of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Predator to milk a few extra dollars out of willing cinephiles. This new Blu-Ray edition, titled The Ultimate Hunter Edition, doesn’t provide many if any new bonus features, but it does have a few things going for it.Before we get to the good stuff, let’s look at the bonus material included on the Blu-Ray. First, the movie has already been released several times this decades on various formats, which means that this new Ultimate Hunter Edition doesn’t have much more to give away in terms of legitimate bonus material. The best of this material, a behind-the-scenes featurette that includes interviews with several of the cast and crew, gives strong insight into the making of the movie and the challenges the filmmakers faced in getting it produced. If you already own Predator on DVD or Blu-Ray, you’ve probably already seen this, however.

Same goes for the other featurettes on the disc, except for a behind-the-scenes preview of Predators – which, as one would expect, is a complete waste of time. It’s purely promotional fluff and talks about how “reboots are cool” and “how you’re going to see stuff you’ve never seen before.” Yawn.

Some of the shorter featurettes on the disc are worthwhile, too, but once again, if you’re a Predator fan, you’ve already seen them. The deleted scenes aren’t very interesting.

So, why would you even fathom purchasing Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition? Two reasons: 1) You get a free ticket to the new movie (well, $10 in Hollywood Movie money) and 2) Predator is digitally remastered. is selling the Blu-Ray for $21.99, which means that if you don’t own the film already, you can get two movies for approximately $20. And boy does Predator look good. I own an earlier DVD copy of the film, and while it looks fine, it definitely looks dated; this new Blu-Ray edition makes the movie look like the movie it was filmed this decade – minus the dated special effects, of course.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition is essentially a cash grab, but its $10 off to the new Predators movie and a beautifully remastered cut makes it worth considering.

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By Erik Samdahl
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