Box Office Fire for Twilight: Eclipse

The failings of the summer box office are distant memories as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse continued to dominate theaters, taking in $28.6 million on Friday to bring its three-day total to $121 million. I typically make that amount in a day so it doesn’t blow me away, but apparently $121 million in three days is a lot of money to some people. The movie should hit the $200 million mark by the end of its first weekend.

Love it or hate it, the Twilight franchise is a juggernaut.

Despite absolutely dreadful reviews – continuing a downward spiral for once-acclaimed filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan – The Last Airbender made over $16 million on Thursday and another $16 million on Friday, guaranteeing that it won’t be the outright bomb that some people, such as myself, thought. Whether it makes enough money in the long run to warrant the creation of the two other films in the trilogy is still in question, though.

Toy Story 3 came in third with a little over $10 million on Friday; it should be another lucrative weekend for the hit Pixar film and the third movie to pass the $300 million mark.

By Erik Samdahl
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