Chloe Striptease: A Blu-Ray Movie Review

I want Amanda Seyfried’s agent. Just a few years ago, the actress was just “the daughter on HBO’s Big Love” or “the really dumb one from Mean Girls“, sort of cute, not really scorching hot. But Mamma Mia that career later and she’s received rave reviews and been in a couple moderate hits; suddenly, she’s a leading actress who’s recognized the world over. And she’s somehow become significantly more attractive.

Though more prominently seen in the sappy 2010 romances Dear John and Letters to Juliet, Seyfried proves she is willing to remain edgy by delivering a more compelling performance in the limited release thriller Chloe, which also stars A-listers Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

Chloe stars Moore as a successful doctor who suspects that her husband (Neeson) is having an affair. To be honest, he’s a real flirt. An adulterer? Who knows. So, Moore hires escort Chloe (Seyfried) to hit on him and see if he takes the bait. Wrong move. Chloe accomplishes what she was hired to do and then more, leading Moore down a frantic trail that gets her into all kinds of trouble. Of course, the bigger problem is that Chloe may have ulterior motives, which means she could be lying about everything.

The movie, from the writer of the racy film Secretary and the director of The Sweet Hereafter, is well done, glossy and beautiful, and yet simmering with deceit, mistrust and sexiness. All three stars turn in great performances, especially Seyfried, who walks a fine balance between playing innocent and being absolutely naughty. The term “erotic thriller” definitely describes Chloe well. Unfortunately, I agree with my brother, who wrote this theatrical Chloe movie review, that the movie’s ending is a big disappointment. As a result, it’s a good movie that unfortunately leaves no lasting impression – well, other than a steamy sex scene between the two females.

Blu-Ray review. Yes, this was meant to be a basic Blu-Ray review, but I got distracted. The film comes with a couple special features, none of which are very noteworthy. This may be why the back cover puts the features in black text against a blood red background so they’re hard to read. Seyfried, director Atom Egoyan and writer Erin Cressida Wilson team up for an audio commentary, but other than that there’s just a few deleted scenes and a “Making Of Chloe” featurette.

The deleted scenes are fine but nothing to scream home about. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve had a DVD player and the possibilities for deleted scenes have expanded exponentially; what I’ve learned is that 99% of deleted scenes are removed for a purpose, and that purpose wasn’t to watch them out of context.

As for the making-of featurette, it does get interesting toward the end of its 25-minute running time, but most of it just skips along the surface, at times very promotional rather than informative.

Chloe is a good movie that’s worth watching, even despite a lackluster ending, but it’s not a picture you’re going to watch over and over again. Also lacking substantial special features, the Blu-Ray would best be served as a rental – not a purchase.

By Erik Samdahl
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