Blu-Ray Review: Jacob’s Ladder

The twisted psychological thriller Jacob’s Ladder was recently released to Blu-Ray, and I’ve been asked to review it. I’m two weeks late, so I’ll make this quick.

If for some reason you haven’t seen this 1990 classic, go and rent it now. Or buy it. I don’t care, but watch it. It’s f**ked up beyond belief, but is also a carefully constructed journey into the dark recesses of the mind. Tim Robbins stars as Jacob Singer, a Vietnam vet haunted by the memories of war and the death of his young soon. Back at home, he begins to question his sanity as visions of demons and creatures begin to appear, but are they merely figments of his imagination or something more real and evil?

Jacob’s Ladder looks as good as ever with a solid transfer to high definition. Tim Robbins can probably see himself better on Blu-Ray than he can in his own mirror. Beyond the transfer, the movie itself still holds up extremely well 20 years later.

The Blu-Ray comes with an extensive making-of featurette as well as an audio commentary by director Adrian Lyne. The making-of segment examines some of the more crucial moments of the movie, but the emphasis is on the motivations and reasoning for doing scenes in a certain way rather than how the scenes were done. It’s an interesting look at the movie and well worth watching.

The few deleted scenes included are OK but don’t add much to the story.

While some of the bonus features are worthwhile, the real story is that Jacob’s Ladder is now available on Blu-Ray. Is the upgraded quality worth re-buying it if you already own it on DVD? No. But Jacob’s Ladder is a worthy addition to any movie collection. Recommended.

By Erik Samdahl
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