DVD Review: Get Him to the Greek Unrated

Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll are on full display in the critically praised comedy Get Him to the Greek, available today on DVD and Blu-Ray. Starring Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, the sex-fueled singer from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Jonah Hill, who also had a role in Marshall (albeit a different one), Get Him to the Greek is an entertaining but hard to fully swallow onslaught of eccentric characters and ridiculous situations.

I gave it a B- in my theatrical review, primarily because it just wasn’t as funny as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Aldous Snow is a fun character, but one best served as a side dish, not the main entry. It’s good, but not great, though I imagine it will get funnier with subsequent viewings.

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The 2-disc DVD set is packed with special features, making it well worth purchasing. Both discs come loaded with deleted, extended and alternate scenes, many of which are entertaining in their own way. Some work better than ever, but it’s clear some scenes were removed for pacing and nothing more. The first disc comes with both the theatrical and unrated versions of Get Him to the Greek.

Though the alternate intro and ending aren’t very good, one of the highlights is a short segment called “Blind Medicine”, which includes footage from character Sarah Marshall’s fake NBC television show of the same name. In it, Kristen Bell, playing actress Sarah Marshall, plays a surgeon who is blind. The clips are pretty funny and makes me long for another Sarah Marshall movie.

The DVD comes with three behind-the-scenes documentaries, two giving an earnest look at the production of the movie, the third a mockumentary about the filming of Aldous Snow’s despised “African Child” music video. The latter is funny, the former informative.

Other special features include music videos and concert performances (including a short segment where Jason Segel and Jack Black sing the Dracula opera from Forgetting Sarah Marshall), two gag reels and a feature commentary.

Get Him to the Greek isn’t the perfect movie, but I’m confident it’s one of those pictures that will become more popular in the years to come. The DVD has plenty of entertaining bonus features to support the decision to purchase.

By Erik Samdahl
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