Tony Gilroy: The Bourne Legacy Director

Waiting for a new Bourne Identity movie? Universal Pictures has hired Tony Gilroy to direct the sequel, titled The Bourne Legacy. Gilroy will also write the film like he did the last three – so at least there’s some consistency there.

Gone is Paul Greengrass, who took the franchise from being a moderate hit to a worldwide blockbuster, effectively making the James Bond movies look antiquated.

Is Gilroy an adequate replacement?

Time will tell. Gilroy directed the lackluster Duplicity, but the direction was not the problem. He also directed Michael Clayton, which was exceptionally good and earned him an Oscar nomination. But The Bourne Identity 4 is an entirely different beast. Gilroy hasn’t proven he can direct action, and given the rave reviews for the last two movies, expectations will be high.

Gilroy is a talented filmmaker, but as with any major handover, his handling of the fourth Bourne movie is a big question mark. An even bigger question mark is whether Matt Damon will return to the franchise. Last year, when Greengrass dropped out, Damon stated that he wouldn’t return unless Greengrass did.

Will he hold true to his promise, or will the hiring of Gilroy be enough to bring him back for at least one more movie?

What do you think?

The Bourne Legacy is scheduled for a 2012 release date, but nothing is confirmed.

By Erik Samdahl
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