The Mirrors 2 DVD Twitter Giveaway!

Did you see Mirrors, starring Kiefer Sutherland? You didn’t? Oh yeah, very few people did. Well, you missed out. The movie wasn’t perfect, but it was legitimately scary and ridiculously bloody (after all, the movie was directed by Alexandre Aja, the director of The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension). Promising to follow in its footsteps is Mirrors 2, available on Blu-Ray and DVD as of October 19, 2010 – just in time for Halloween. In celebration, we’re providing two ways to win a copy of the DVD: enter our standard DVD giveaway, or simply tweet on Twitter! (read on more details)

In Mirrors 2, the grisly slaughters continue after a young woman is brutally murdered in front of a mirror that is a portal to the world of the undead. Embarking on a murderous rampage, one by one she stalks the men and women responsible for her horrific death, exacting bloody revenge by dismembering and eviscerating the guilty. They can’t run, they can’t hide and they can’t look in the mirror because inside the mirrors the dead live on…waiting for vengeance.

Mirrors 2 boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Nick Stahl (Terminator 3, “Carnivàle”), William Katt (Alien vs. Hunter, “The Greatest American Hero”), Emmanuelle Vaugier (“CSI: NY”) and Christy Carlson Romano (voice of “Kim Possible”). The Blu-Ray and DVD include Into the Mirror, the original award-winning Korean film on which Mirrors was based, available in the U.S. for the first time ever!

And the randomly chosen winner is…

@chrissycrue100 – Congrats!

I’m sold. How do I enter the giveaway?

Entering is so easy your grandma could do it:

  1. Follow @filmjabber
  2. Post a link to this giveaway with the following text:
    I’m following @filmjabber to win #mirrors2dvd:
  3. Optionally, let us know what you think will be the most grisly death in Mirrors 2

And… that’s all! Do this by 5pm PT on Friday, October 29, 2010 and we’ll inform everyone who the winner is by the end of that weekend! So, what are you waiting for – get started now.

The fine print

  • Repeating the tweet over and over again won’t help, but it will get you kicked off Twitter.
  • Anyone found to be using multiple accounts to game the system will be disqualified.
  • You must be in the United States or Canada to receive the prize.
  • If you win but never respond to our messages to get your mailing address, we’ll have to give the prize to someone else!
By Erik Samdahl
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  • William Orwosky

    Thank you for offering this contest. I would love to win the scary DVD “Mirrors”.

  • Rhonda Struthers

    I tweeted

  • laurie

    Follow & tweeted @kapakai

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  • carol

    i would love win this

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  • tim

    i liked the first one!

  • Arie Rich

    I was scared of part 1, and after looking at the previews for part 2, I’m scared to watch it, but my horror fanatic side in me, tells me to watch it, therefore I would like to win this DVD! 🙂

    P.S.: I tweeted as well. (@Arierich)

  • andrew b

    following @jappleseed13

  • andrew b

    tweeted @jappleseed13

    I’m following @filmjabber to win #mirrors2dvd:

  • andrew b

    head cut off with mirrors edge

  • OHH gory

  • way too bloody for me!@!!!

  • hotcha1


  • Hi everyone, thanks for entering the giveaway! I look forward to interacting with you all (well, most of you anyway) in the near future.

    @Arie Rich – I know what you mean. The first one was scary, and it sucks being scared, but it’s hard to resist a good horror movie.

  • Hannah B.

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    I follow on twitter and tweeted

    rhondastruthers atyahoodot ca

  • Rachel Benson

    I follow and tweeted:

    I saw Mirrors, but it was a while ago. Totally forgot about this movie, now I want to watch it again!

    Most grisly death? A decapitation?!

  • Debbie W

    Thank you. I haven’t seen this yet.
    I follow and tweeted

  • i hope i win enjoy mirrior 1 need to see #2 by

  • MIKE Groesbeck

    poked in the eye with a knitting needle

  • Patric Krueger

    let’s see. most grisly death. how about eviscerated with a chain saw.

  • Sylvia Belle

    Great opportunity to win!!

  • Don Mcclure


  • Patsy Hagen

    I’d love to win this movie.
    I follow.

  • Wow… 2011… that’s gonna be a long wait. Followed and tweeted.

  • anna t.

    If you guys are going to use twitter for entering your sweeps – goodbye.

  • Sylvia Belle

    Great contest!

  • green

    Hope it is a better movie then the first one.

  • Hope this one is better then the first one.

  • @anna – don’t worry, most giveaways we do will continue to be through the normal method. The more variety we can offer, however, the more users we get to FilmJabber – and in turn, that opens up the possibility for more and better prizes.

  • @Mike – whoops, thanks for pointing out my mistake!

  • Carrie Baird

    Sounds good- please enter me in the drawing! wgbc1446[at]yahoo[dot]com





  • Robin Trexel

    I hope I win

  • Debbie B

    I follow and tweeted (@skeetersden)would love to win, I really enjoyed Mirrors.

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    I follow (Tara Woods) and tweeted.

  • Ron O.

    I have posted/Tweeted the Mirrors 2 DVD Giveaway. Here’s the LINK:

    (PS) There is a cool-looking 3-D Lenticular cover to this DVD movie that I had seen at Target. I love the Lenticular art that
    accompanies certain DVD/BD movies.

  • Gary W.

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  • @chrissycrue100 Congrats, you’re the winner of the giveaway!