15 Snubs and Surprises from the Golden Globe Nominations 2011

The 2010 Golden Globe nominations are here… and it’s an odd bunch. And by “odd,” we mean there are some noticeable snubs and surprises that only the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – which has always strained to prove that it understands anything about movies – could deliver.

  1. SNUB: True Grit for Best Drama
    The movies selected are a good bunch, but The Fighter over True Grit? We haven’t seen the Coen brothers movie yet, but the movie is being nominated for other award shows.
  2. SURPRISE: Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice
    We haven’t seen Frankie and Alice, but word has it that Berry over-acts and the film is campy verging on garbage.
  3. SNUB: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for Best Comedy or Musical
    Scott Pilgrim
    is easily the funniest movie of 2010, and yet it is completely absent from nominations. This isn’t surprising given its target demographic, but the lack of a nomination in a category designed for comedies shows just how out of touch the HFPA is.
  4. SURPRISE: Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter
    Wahlberg is good, but he’s not award-winning good.
  5. SNUB: Leonardo DiCaprio
    He was great in Inception and Shutter Island, but is once again ignored.
  6. SURPRISE: Alice in Wonderland for Best Comedy or Musical
    I still don’t understand how this movie made so much money. It is terrible, terrible, terrible. And it’s definitely not funny.
  7. SNUB: Ben Affleck for The Town
    The Town was an extremely well-made picture, and love him or hate him, Ben Affleck deserves much of the credit.
  8. SURPRISE: Burlesque for Best Comedy or Musical
    Was this nomination to make up for all the bad reviews?
  9. SNUB: Lesley Manville in Another Year
    Manville is rumored to be an Oscar favorite, but got no Golden Globes love.
  10. SURPRISE: The Tourist for Best Comedy or Musical
    The Comedy or Musical category is just a mess. Critics hated this movie, too.
  11. SNUB: Toy Story 3, Despicable Me or How to Train Your Dragon for Best Comedy or Musical
    All three of these movies were funnier than any of the comedies nominated (other than The Kids Are All Right, but that’s a drama).
  12. SURPRISE: Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs
    The movie didn’t get good reviews or make much money, and nothing about the performances were “award-winning.”
  13. SNUB: Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right
    Ruffalo was the best part of this excellent movie.
  14. SURPRISE: Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland/The Tourist
    He was not very good in Alice in Wonderland and reviews have not been kind to him for The Tourist, either.
  15. SNUB: Danny Boyle for 127 Hours
    127 Hours was great largely thanks to Boyle’s hyper-kinetic direction.
By Erik Samdahl
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